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Day 4 Theme & Giveaway: Reindeer (or Color?)

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Hey, it’s Monday, the final day of the 4-day “Black Friday” sale! Today’s theme is Reindeer (or is it Color?).

Before I hand this post off to Miz Bella (Kim Ayers), here’s a short recap on how these themed sale days work:

Each day I’ll gather new (and current) items around a theme. And I’ll pull together a lovely Giveaway Kit made from those goodies that will be awarded to one lucky customer.

If you order on Monday you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing for the Monday Giveaway Kit, which is a combination of goodies Teri used in her “Endless Possibilities” Shrine and in her glittered trees! (Click on the row of 3 photos, below, to see larger photos of today’s Giveaway Kit.)

Hey, and who won yesterday’s Giveaway Kit? That would be Ron Jenks! Click here for more info on all the gifts & freebies going on during the sale!

Free gift for every order over $20! The photo at left is a preview of the mini kit for the “Reindeer” theme that will be included as a gift for every order over $20 on Monday, December 2, 2013! No need to add anything to your cart — all orders over $20 (before tax or shipping) placed December 2, 2013 will receive the “Reindeer” mini kit. Wait! I love those little papers… what papers are in that mini kit?

Today’s Theme: Reindeer (or is it Color?)

Wow, what a treat: Teri Calia has created quite a few colorful holiday projects to get your creative muse to think outside the box!

First up is the “Endless Possibilities” Shrine, using the New and On Sale! Paper Mache House Accordion Shrine. Personally I love the color combination of aqua blue, white and red so this is right up my alley! (It would look so fabulous in my studio….oh yes it would!) But I digress!

We asked Teri a few questions about the creation of her shrine:

How did you change the size of the side panels?
I took out the hinges and cut one panel completely in half (to be reattached to the sides of my center panel). I stacked the other 2 panels on top of each other (the center panel of my finished shrine is thicker/deeper than the original panels). Before combining the 2 center panels, I cut a hole through the top-most panel (about an inch inside the outer edge) to form a recessed area. I glued chipboard to the exposed areas and reinforced it with gaffers tape and a layer of molding paste.

Is that a light bulb on top?
Not a light bulb, but a vintage flash bulb.

Do you have any tips for cutting the hole for the window? (Note: there is an Oval Window Wood Flourishes in the back of the center panel.)
Yes! Trace around your window then cut just inside your line with a sharp craft knife.

Any other “gotchas” that you’d do differently if you did this again?
Not really, probably because I sketched it out in advance on paper so I knew what to do!

Such a cute piece! The Miniature Red Metal Chairs and the wonky kid holding the sign are my favorite parts of the shrine.

Plus, here’s the supply list of everything Teri used in her shrine (and they’re all included in today’s Giveaway!)

Next up we have so many adorable bottle brush trees that Teri glittered up in so many fabulous colors (and so easy: she just covered the trees with spray adhesive, then poured glitter over them; but be sure to work outside!). Teri has taken neutral colored bottle brush trees, glittered them in non-traditional colors such as pink, purple, green, blue and red. Then she’s placed them on top of the cute Tiny Paper Mache Box Set, Tart Tins – Set of Three and even on an adorable New and On Sale! Round Wooden Box with Lid (painted red in that cute photo at right).

Teri used various sizes of trees, including the Woodlands Tree Lot and Woodlands Wreath & Tree Set sets (both On Sale!). Unfortunately we are sold out of the smaller Retro Bottle Brush Trees Teri used. HOWEVER, never fear, because we have the Retro Bottle Brush Trees – Green in stock! They can be used ‘as is’ or bleached and re-tinted (learn more about bleaching them on this blog post).

Reindeer are always a winter and holiday favorite. If you love them as much as we do at Alpha Stamps then you’ll love the (all On Sale!) Reindeer Cutouts, Reindeer Holiday Dazzlers, Miniature Set of Reindeer, and the Santa and Reindeer Chipboard Die-Cuts that Teri used with her trees. That’s a lot of reindeer to choose from!

More photos of Teri’s shrine and her many colorful trees are in the Gallery.

Posted by Leslie, December 2nd, 2013

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