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Gargoyle Tags by Lora Mahaffey!

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This is the first in (what I hope will be) a weekly series of blog posts, featuring swap art samples from one Design Team Member. So let’s start the New! Gargoyle Tag Swap theme going with these fun Halloween Gargoyles by Lora Mahaffey!

I asked Lora about her inspiration for her tags (and also any helpful hints re: techniques when working with chipboard):

It’s gonna sound silly, but I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I held the ribbon (from the kit) up to the Gargoyle Die-Cut. That strong vertical line was such a good springboard for ornamenting the surface, I just went with that. Emphasizing the line with the Dresden trim (I love Dresden trim) made it pop, and then I played with bits and pieces until I got something that worked well together. I worked on all the pieces simultaneously so they would look like they belonged together.

Also, I’m glad you mentioned punching the holes for the ribbon. I punched those holes as almost the last thing because I think the pieces look more finished to punch through all the layers instead of punching the raw die-cut and then working around the hole. I know it might seem obvious to do that, but when I teach workshops and mention that detail there is always someone who has an aha! moment.

Here’s some of the other materials Lora used (plus some suggestions by me for items that have sold out):
Black and Ivory French Script Scrapbook Paper
Happy Haunting – Eerie Brocade Scrapbook Paper
Back in Stock! Small Resin Skull Beads
Noxious Fumes Fiber Set
Black Seam Binding
Spice Seam Binding
Antique Brass Spider Web
Thin Fleur Dresden Borders – Black

Suggested substitutes:
Antique Silver Spider Pendant
Skeleton Slides Collage Sheet
Poison Rubber Stamp Set or Poison Set Download
Black Dresden Border Sampler Set

A bunch of those items are currently On Sale! as part of the BIG Halloween Theme Sale!

You can find out more about the Gargoyles Kit (and the swap) on the Kit page.

And more photos (of Lora’s tags and all the Design Team’s gargoyles) are in the Gallery.

Posted by Leslie, September 1st, 2013

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