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Perfume Bottle Resin Tutorial

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Ahhhh, ICE Resin. Whether you love it or are terrified to even think about playing with it — everyone knows what a fabulous and versatile medium it is! Miz Caroline Ouzts-Hay has jumped right in after falling in love with ICE Resin and has created a lovely, 2-part, step-by-step tutorial for creating clear windows (see the smaller photos below for a quick preview of how the perfume bottle shape is cut out and filled with clear resin).

Part I of the Perfume Bottle Resin Tutorial will show you how to create a “perfume bottle” window within another piece of artwork. Sounds too good to be true? Not if you are using one of the Chipboard Potion Bottles (On Sale!) as a template and ICE Resin. Don’t go running in fright — it is seriously so easy you’ll be creating all sorts of things with clear windows!

You’ll love finding out how to color your resin with PearlEx pigments to match whatever project you’re working on! Caroline has created a lovely soft, pastel pink perfume bottle and not only that — but the perfume bottle itself has iridescent potion bubbles in it! Of course, I can not tell you how to get that effect, you must see the tutorial to learn how. Perhaps you’d like to use Collage Images, Metal Flowers or Charms in your creation. But alas! I can not tell you how to add those either, you’ll have to read the tutorial to find that out as well. Yes, yes, I know, I am quite wicked but really lovies, would you have me any other way?

Posted by MizBella, April 21st, 2013

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