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Day 1 Theme & Giveaway: Yours Truly

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Hey, it’s Friday of the 4-day “Black Friday” sale! Today’s theme is “Yours Truly” (French Art Nouveau).

Beside ALL of the “Yours Truly” Collection being On Sale, I’ve put the entire Art Nouveau/Pre-Raphaelite Collage Sheets section On Sale!

And today we have 3 fun artwork samples using the new “Yours Truly” items, by Teri Calia! In addition to the photos below, there are even more in the gallery.

Here’s how these themed days will work: I’ve gathered new (and current) items around a theme. And I’ve pulled together a lovely Giveaway Kit made from those goodies that will be awarded to one lucky customer (click on the photo at right to see even more of today’s kit).

If you order on Friday you’ll automatically be entered in the drawing for the Friday kit. More info on all the gifts & freebies going on during the sale is here.

Free gift for every order over $25! The ribbon set at left is a preview of just part of the mini kit for the “Yours Truly” theme that will be included as a gift for every order over $25 on Friday, November 23, 2012! No need to add anything to your cart — all orders over $25 (before tax or shipping) placed November 23, 2012 will receive the “Yours Truly” mini kit.

Note: all the starred (*) items listed below (in the descriptions of Teri’s artwork) are included in the Giveaway Kit. And there are even more New and/or On Sale goodies in the Giveaway Kit (listed down at the bottom of this page).

Dandy Hat Box

A lovely, 3D collage, built on a Round Paper Mache Box, by Teri Calia; highlights of a few items Teri used are below; list of all other components used in the artwork.

Antique Brass Eiffel Tower Charms*
New! Antique brass over cast pewter. 3D so they will stand up.

Yours Truly 6×6 Paper Pad*
On Sale! Single-sided cardstock. 36 sheets (3 sheets each of 12 designs)

Rosarian Perles Paper Flowers*
Hand-made mulberry paper roses and embossed leaves in vibrant colors. 2 groups of small flowers on stems (so 18 flowers) plus 6 leaves (without stems).

Ornate Chipboard Gates
New! Sweet wrought-iron gates (fences?) laser-cut from chipboard.

Yours Truly Washi Tape – Yellow Polka Dot*
On Sale! Cute washi tape with yellow & white polka dots. Approx. 5/8″ wide. 11 yard roll (33 feet).

Wistful Beauty Ornament

A large medallion/ornament with a ruffled Crepe Paper edge, by Teri Calia; highlights of a few items Teri used are below; list of all other components used in the artwork.

Yours Truly Whatnots*
New & on Sale! Set of 12 printed, die-cut cardstock “ephemera.”

Yours Truly Peek-a-Boos*
New & on Sale! Set of 8 printed and die-cut transparencies.

Gardenias – Mixed Pink
On Sale! Gorgeous, hand-made mulberry paper flowers with soft, twisty petals (that would relax and look even softer if you misted them a bit).

Dandy Church Fan

A fancy, glittery, flowery fan, with curled silk ribbons hanging from a Skeleton Hand handle(?!) and using the popular Macaroni from the How’s My Hair Collage Sheet; highlights of a few items Teri used are below; list of all other components used in the artwork.

Stitched Leaf Ribbon – White
New! Pretty satin ribbon with stitched veins on the leaves. Easy to tint to match any project with a mister, stains or inks.

Tiny Ribbons Grab Bag*
On Sale! 7 yards of tiny stitched or printed ribbons. Most are 1/8 to 3/16″ wide.

Yours Truly Layered Stickers*
New & on Sale! Set of 7 layered cardstock stickers (layers are on little foam risers to give them dimension).

Sweetness Chipboard Book*
On Sale! Beside being a very good price on an 8-page blank book, Teri used just one of the pages as the basis of her fan.

Even More New and/or On Sale Items included in the Giveaway

French Collage Image Book – Belles Dames Francaises

Hot Air Balloon Charms

Art Nouveau Winged Women

3 Collage Sheets:
Art Nouveau Alcohol Posters
Art Nouveau Advertising
Gold Dust Women

Yours Truly Motif Scrapbook Paper

Yours Truly Chevron Scrapbook Paper

Whimsy Flowers

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