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Cabinet of Curiosities Tutorial by Kristin Batsel

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see an update to this blog post.

Ooooh this fabulous Cabinet of Curiosities by Kristin Batsel reminds me quite a bit of my own house, Mockingbird Manor, right down to an arm sticking out of a wall.

You know my Poppets, Miz Kristin and I do not live very far from each other. I think that perhaps she has been peering into my windows as well as letting herself in when I’m not home so that she can pick and choose what she likes from my many collections. Yes, yes, I do believe so!

Although I have not been able to secure a cute pig with wings yet for my collection, Kristin has! I think he’s adorable as well as all of the quirky little items she has collected (probably from my house) and placed in the shadowbox. Kristin is very clever, don’t you agree? One day I will catch her rummaging through my house and digging in my trash, I just know it!

Well enough of my chit-chat, on to the Cabinet of Curiosities Tutorial!

Olde Curiosity Shoppe When Pigs Fly Cling Set
Olde Curiosity Shoppe 8×8 Paper Pad
Olde Curiosity Shoppe When Pigs Fly Scrapbook Paper
Mixed Star Sequins
NEW Tiny Dice in Bottle
Clock Face Buttons
Blue Dresden Shell Border Strips
Cameo Frames: Ovals
Large Brass Scissors Charms
Crocus Filigree
Wood Mini Spools
Domed Apothecary Bottles
Tiny Vials w/Corks
Antique Bone Dominoes


Find a good object to alter. I had a lucky day at the thrift store and found this little house with cubbies for only 79 cents.) Paint the entire item black, and choose several coordinating papers for the background of each box. Cut to size, and ink around the edges. Glue each background into place.

Using paper tape, cover the edges of each partition. Trim the tape at each intersection, and fold the edges down to wrap the edges of the walls. Choose a different paper for the floors of each box, and cut to fit. Ink around the edges, and glue into place.

Cut design elements from the papers and begin to arrange them in the boxes. When you are sure you know where you want each element to go, attach them to the back with foam tape to add dimension. Use the stamps for extra elements. In the large photo at right, the crow in the center and the Olde Curiosity Shoppe sign were stamped onto heavy cardstock and cut out for use.

Now it’s time to start playing around with things you might want to include in each box: old wooden spools, doll arms, game pieces, etc.

If you’re going to add feet, paint them in colors to match your project. The feet used here are wooden candle cups. I striped them, and then painted the lip turquoise with black polka dots for a little whimsy. Attach to the bottom with E6000 glue.

Keep working with your elements! If you’re like me, you’re going to want to move things around quite a bit before you’re happy with placement. Add some Dresden trim and some metal embellishments.

Cover the back, sides and roof with papers. Ink the edges before adhering.

Begin gluing down your 3D elements using E6000 glue.

Cut out several butterflies. Fold each one in half, put a thin line of glue along the body of the butterfly, and adhere randomly, making sure the wings stay folded for a 3D effect.

You’re done! I filled each box with things I already had and chances are you’ve got a good stash like this in your craft room already.

Kristin’s creations always delight and bring a smile to ones face! To see more of her quirky and adorable artwork please visit Kristin’s Alpha Stamps Gallery as well as her blog .

As always, if you create your own Cabinet of Curiosities we would LOVE to see it! Email pictures to me and I’ll put them up on the Alpha Stamps Blog!

Posted by MizBella, April 26th, 2012

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