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Rhonda’s Fabulous Botox Shrine

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Design Team Member Rhonda Secrist Thomas has created a wonderful migraine-inspired “Botox Shrine” with the front labelled “Les Monstres Sont de Retour” (The Monsters Are Back). As a fellow migraine sufferer (who hasn’t tried botox, but I did get a refill on some meds today) I can truly sympathize.

Regarding the devil/demon in the red cape (center of the inside panel), Rhonda says, ‘He was the king of the little monsters, until the Botox angel shoved a needle of Botox into his head. Now she stands upon him, like Mary did the demons. He is defeated, dead, with his little arm dangling lifelessly. Muh ha ha! My neurologist laughs because as she is sticking all of those needles into my shoulders, I say, “Die knots, die”. I hate the knots that form in my neck and shoulders! The little frickin’ monsters!”

Rhonda used some demon images from the Phrenology and Skeleton Slide Mailers collage sheets.

See/read more on her blog.

Posted by Leslie, November 10th, 2010

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