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2 Halloween Swaps, More Steampunk

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. But you can try searching on the same names (as links below) on the new site.

Our Halloween swaps are very popular so we’re having two this year! Plus there are 13 new collage sheets. (13? oooh… spooky!)

Halloween Dwellings Slide Mailer Swap

Here’s a bit of the info from the Swap Specs (that’s a link to the Yahoo Group, where you can also sign up for the swap):

Theme and Requirements:
Halloween Dwellings! The theme is a haunted place — inside & out (“place” means it doesn’t have to be a “haunted house”… and “inside & out” means try to have the cover be the door (or outside) of the scene shown on the interior).

Decorate 3 slide mailers and receive 3 in return, by different artists! You must use the 2-slide slide mailers. The slide mailers must be decorated on all sides with middle piece removed from inside (so the little openings meant to house 2 glass microscope slides will be enlarged to make one larger opening/window). Need inspiration? Check out the Halloween Dwellings Slide Mailers Gallery!

Fabulous sample artwork by Design Team Members Teri Calia & Sarah Whitmire.

Skeletons in the Attic Book Swap

Here’s a bit of the info from the Swap Specs (that’s a link to the Yahoo Group, where you can also sign up for the swap):

Theme and Requirements:
Alpha Stamps’ Annual Halloween Book Swap! Skeletons in the Attic! Create macabre, humorous, scary, fiendish, or ghoulish pages! Have fun and make sure to go all out with it — glitter, embellish, paint, use whatever makes your Muse cackle with wicked delight!

Decorate 6 pages from the “Mini Edgy Album” and receive 6 different pages back all from different artists! Note: this blank book includes 6 pages, each a different width. You should use one of each of the black pages in one set (so the swap will “work out” and everyone will receive all the shaped pages).

Need inspiration? Check out the Skeletons in the Attic Book Gallery!

Fabulous sample artwork by Design Team Members Teri Calia & Kristin Batsel.

13 New Collage Sheets

8 on the Halloween Collage Sheet page:

Skeleton Slide Mailers

Witchy Business

Dem Bones

Dark Words

Halloween Jumping Jacks

Edgar Allan Poe

Telltale Heart

Poe’s Words

And 5 on the Paper Theatres Collage Sheet page:

Two with Stage Curtains

One with Gothic Arches and

Two with a mix of Stage Scenes and Doorways

And on to the Rest of the New Halloween Goodies:

Vampire 12×12 Paper Pad
A beautiful set of double-sided cardstock sheets with thermographic printing (so some of the printing is slightly raised and more shiny that the background and than the remaining ink). Bugs, ornaments, a repeating ‘BEWARE’ border, crows, tombstones and dripping blood.

Vampire Die Cut Border Stickers
Die-cut, self-adhesive cardstock borders with thermographic printing. The border are a bit over 11″ wide; 4 each of 5 designs. Just peel off the backing paper and stick onto your project. Bugs, ornaments, ‘BEWARE’ labels and dripping blood.

Coffin Shaped Treat Boxes
Heavy cardstock, die cut and scored for easy assembling: printed red on the inside and an ornate design in white on the black outside.

Spooky Halloween Rub-Ons
A large sheet of rub-ons (the row of skulls is 8″ wide). Includes a nice, big spider web, skeletons, bats…

Halloween Treats Stickers
Die-cut stickers including cats and bats and jack-o-lanterns, and the letters to spell “Happy Halloween” (and two full alphabets). 6 x 12″ sheet.

Crow Silhouettes
Die-cut heavy cardstock black crows to decorating your house (or your windows) or a large collage project. 3 each of 4 designs.

Beaded Fringes:
now sold by the foot + new colors

Sarah Whitmire used just a bit of fringe on all her samples to such good advantage, I thought we should start selling shorter lengths of fringe.

Happy Halloween Twill Tape
3/8″ wide printed cotton twill.

Purple Mini Ric Rac Ribbon

Tiny little 3/16″ wide ric rac ribbon. Polyester but feels like cotton.

Vampire Cupcake Stencils
Hint: you can use these on more things beside cupcakes. 8 flexible acrylic stencils: bats, a vampire silhouette, a bug, a kinda frankenstein looking vampire bust, spider w/web, blood splashes, “eat if you dare” and 3 smaller bugs.

Black Mini Brads
Brass brads with painted black tops. 100/pkg. Sample artwork by Design Team Member Kristin Batsel (using the brads to hinge the devil’s arms), also using an image from the Halloween Jumping Jacks Collage Sheet and Red Fleur Dresden Borders.

Black & Brown Brads or Photo Turns
Painted with a matte finish. The photo turns are 3/4″ long. Brads are 100/pkg; photo turns are 50/pkg.

Gold Dresden Oval Frame Set
A set of oval frames (plus the outer one has ornate rectangular edges). 4-1/4″ x 3-1/4″

Tiny Dot Borders (Dresden) –
3 Colors

Really tiny… good for edging an inchie or laying over another dresden border. Purple, red or black. Set of 12 strips, each 9″ long.

White Pigment Pens
Doodle, draw, write and scribble with this opaque pen.

Mini Vintage Rub-Ons – Red
6″ x 8″ sheet

Black Sand in Glass Bottles
The same 1 ounce quantity, packaged in a 2″ glass bottle with cork, as the other colors of sand.

A Fine Specimen Scrapbook Paper
A dense design with vintage type catalogs and a large letter “C” made into a clock (more type on the back with an overlaid harlequin diamond pattern – used in the background of the sample at left).

Die Cut Alphabet Scrapbook Paper
Round die-cut faux-typewriter keys with full upper- and lower-case alphabets and numbers and a few symbols (with a tiny dot pattern on the back).

Home Decor – Black on Black Scrapbook Paper (at left)
12×12″ sheet silkscreened with silhouettes of furniture/accessories in black ink (with a bit of shine) on metallic black paper. Includes a picture frame, umbrella, chair, sewing machine, chandelier, cuckoo clock, silverware, top hat, teapot…

X-Ray Scrapbook Paper (at right)
An odd little 12×12″ print (not sure about the balloons and lollipops) with x-ray images of bones and the word “X-RAY” spelled out in bones.

Miscellaneous, with a Lot of Steampunk

4 New Vaguely Steampunk Rub-Ons Sheets
(One shown at right)
Lots of rub-ons to choose from, all with a vaguely Steampunk feel: hands holding tools, pointing hands, charts, grids, signage, ads, dials, pulleys, an eye chart…

Key to My Heart Scrapbook Paper
(At left) Beautiful vintage keys and keyholes (with an ornate border and the words, “The key to my heart” repeated around the edges).

Steampunk Clear Stamp Set
A nice selection of images: an eye chart, hot air balloon, multiple clocks, gears, hands, rulers, key, butterfly… They coordinate with the 4 Rub-Ons Sheets. 5″ x 7″ set (23 individual stamps!).

Round Tags – Paddington
Die-cut cardstock round tags (printed on one side) with numbers 1-20 (in a grungy, distressed white “paint”).

Time Flies Hardware
2 repro watch faces with wings (with loops and jump rings included at top and bottom). Metal (but not too heavy for a necklace).

Gears: Industrial
Reproduction gears & watch parts (cast metal composite). 14 total pieces: 7 designs in 2 colors (antiqued brass and pewter).

Mini Gypsy or Vintage Die-Cut Ephemera Sets
Small sets of die-cut ephemera reproductions (15 cards per set). Beautifully designed.

Vintage Office Rubber Stamp Set in Tin
Beautiful wood-mounted (and antiqued) set in a metal tin (and includes a black ink pad). A vintage (rotary) telephone, paper clip, pointing hand, typewriter, and 4 classic rubber stamps for stamping mail or invoices. 8 individual stamps plus a stamp pad in a decorate metal tin. Makes a great gift.

New on Sale!

Black Acrylic Rose Beads
Round, carved (well… cast) rose design. Not heavy for their size. Approx 5/8″ diameter.

On the Boardwalk Borders
A fun, colorful, vintage summer vacation set (double-sided). The images include bathing beauties, seahorses, travel postcards, an ocean wave print… all in gorgeous hues of aqua and sunset orange.

Archway Pendants
Beautiful, little archway/niche pendants to frame a small collage.

Dwarf with Box Rubber Stamp

Gypsy Rubber Stamp
A nice large line screen for the shading. Crops well for using just a small portion on a pendant or inside a small box. Approx 1-7/8″ x 2-3/8″

Woodcut Hands Rubber Stamp Set
Mounted version is on a cube.

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