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Frieda Oxenham

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Frieda Oxenham, Scotland, United Kingdom

I come from a slightly different background than most stampers/mixed media artists in that I started off as a quilter and embroiderer and I have been very successful in that field. My quilts have won many prizes and are regularly exhibited here in the U.K. as well as in the US and other countries.

I started my adventure in mixed media in 2004 when I entered the exciting world of ATCs. Two of my ATCs, combining stitch, fabric and stamping, were published in the British Craft Stamper magazine. I’ve written many articles, mostly about quilting and embroidery, but also about ATCs and other mixed media techniques in British magazines such as Stitch, Classic Stitches, Patchwork & Quilting and Popular Patchwork.

Three of my pieces have been published in Somerset Studio and Somerset Gallery (La Bella Vita, Poivoir de l’Image and On the Wings of Time) and another piece (Dans mon Coeur) will be in the new Sew Somerset magazine. Here I found a way to combine vellum and transparencies in my fabric work which I very much enjoyed. This can also be seen on the Alpha Stamps postcards I submitted for a recent swap.

My favourite new technique is making fabric/paper collages that I used for the postcard backgrounds and lately I’ve started to stamp the fabric background I use as well as adding stamping on top. This is something I’m hoping to develop further in the near future.

See some examples of artwork by Frieda.
Posted by MizBella, July 31st, 2010

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