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Nicole Merkens

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Nicole Merkens, Georgia, USA

I am a mixed media artist, born where the winds blow and the flowers grow, wearing black eyeliner.

I grew up loving the unexplained and spoke to beings not there.

My explorations took me to Philadelphia where I earned a BFA in Printmaking/Bookarts. I traveled far and wide to learn all I could about other cultures and sacred spaces. For the past decade, my soul has been making appearances in galleries and museums nationwide.

When my feet hurt from journeying, you can find me working in my studio; making jewelry and found object sculptures or designing for the Print/Web industry which has been good to me for the past 13 years.

If I wasn’t a designer, I’d own a ranch with my husband in Colorado, drive a purple jeep and have a mutt named “El Cid.” I’m obsessed with birds and junk. To see more of my work, please visit my Web site.

Nicole’s Gallery
Posted by MizBella, March 31st, 2010

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