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Grimm Fairy Tales, Part 2

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I’ve just posted many new collage sheets and rubber stamps around the Grimm Fairy Tales (mainly Sleeping Beauty, but some things that would work for any of the stories, like 2 sheets of beautiful book covers, 2 sheets of roses, and 4 sheets of castles).

When Sleeping Beauty was a baby, she was cursed by a fairy to fall into a deep sleep of a hundred years if she should ever prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel. The King then ordered all spinning wheels to be burned. However, when Sleepng Beauty was sixteen, she found a room in the castle with an old woman using a spinning wheel.

One of the 4 castle sheets is all of fantastical castles by Maxfield Parrish. And there’s a jousting sheet with images of knights on horseback and a few ladies sending them off to battle. Some from Pre-Raphaelite tapestries, with lovely muted colors. (Not a clear link to Grimm… but could be backgrounds and they work with all those castles.)

In addition to the collage sheets, here are some more new Grimm things:

– A New Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Brownies… Rubber Stamp Page, that includes new “Gnome Riding on Rabbit” (at right), Elf (at left), Hobgoblin, 7 Dwarves, and “Dwarf with Box” stamps. And I’ve moved the Brownie stamps into this new “mythical creatures” page.

– Raven Border Rubber Stamp
A nice, menacing border (repeated across the page) for a Grimm ATC or maybe a Halloween card.

Poison Clear Stamp Set and 2 Vintage Medicine Label/Poison Collage Sheets
Possibly an odd connection with all the Fairy Tales, but with all the poisons in the stories (like the apple in Snow White) and those languorous ladies in the Burne-Jones Briar Rose series, I can see using these in a Grimm collage. And the collage sheets are actually two half-page sheets: one on cardstock and one on clear transparency.

Metal Charms
Many beautiful pewter charms (and one brass charm): Pewter Flying Goose Charms (maybe for the Goose Girl fairy tale), a gorgeous Pewter Fleur de Lys (above), Pewter Masks, Large Pewter Crowns (at left), and Brass Feather Charms.

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Posted by Leslie, April 28th, 2008

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