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Paper Toy Directions

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Directions for making this antique paper toy (from the Halloween #3 Collage Sheet… note: these instructions also work for the similar paper toy on the Christmas Trees Collage Sheet AND another on the Humpty Dumpty #1 Collage Sheet).

Cut out both sets of Cat/Witch (but do not cut them apart). You will have 2 figures (each with a cat on one end and a witch on the other).

Take one of the figures and fold down the cat’s head at the dotted lines, then turn the figure around and fold down the witch’s head at the dotted lines. Take the other figure and fold similarly at the dotted lines.

Take one of the figures and fold at the crease between the feet (so you’ll have a cat on one side and a witch on the other). Glue the white side of the bodies of this folded figure together, but only to the dotted lines (so the heads will not be glued in this step). Fold in half and glue the bodies of the other figure in a similar manner.

When dry, pick up both figures and glue the white side of the 2 cat heads together and the 2 witch heads together (down to the fold).

When dry, hold the cat by the bottoms, so you have one whole cat facing you on one side and one whole cat’s back to you on the other side. You can flip the cat over by lifting the feet apart (when you turn the cat inside out, the witch will appear — and vice versa).

Posted by Leslie, April 5th, 2008

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