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    Fairies, Thistles (and Birds on Sale)

    Filed under Art Projects, Collage Sheets, Fairy Garden, Featured Artwork, Giveaways, Newsletters, Nichola Battilana, Sale

    Birds Collage Sheets?! Yes! A nice, big, fat section, too! From spring birds with nests to winter birds in the snow, or Aesop’s Fables, or Four and Twenty Blackbirds

    ALL Birds Collage Sheets on sale now through Monday night, March 7th! (Bees, Birds and Butterflies Collage Sheet and Blue Birds Collage Sheet from the sale section are shown at left.)

    Design Team Member Nichola Battilana has made a couple of feylicious Thistle Wagons for you to enjoy. (See the wide photo below, too.)

    The Thistle Wagons are a forest-y version of the Fairy Godmother Travelling Sales Wagon I made in January (there’s a tute link in that if you’re interested).

    The base is a Square Shrine Shadowbox to which I have added 2 Inch Spoked Wheels. For the Thistle Wagons, I decided to adorn the top of them with Floral Chipboard Border Strips and some new Feathery Flourishes. On the Thistle Wagon on the left (see below), I added the Silver Thistle piece atop the Mini Chipboard Crest Signs; to finish it off quite nicely.

    Inside the wagon, all manner of items that a forest fairy, sprite, or occasional goblin may like. Pink Roses to turn into a lovely jelly, potions, small pinecones (good eating and helps to sharpen goblin teeth on), Magic Mushrooms and keys that unlock enchanted places.

    Thistle Wagons Supply List

    Ahh, Fall leaves. My favorite season and here we are — not quite into Spring yet! Perhaps I’ll have to make my own Thistle-themed Wagon; and just in case you’d like to make one Nichola has created the new Fairy Tales & Gypsy Proverbs Collage Sheet to help decorate the wagon and potion bottles.



    Hooray for the Thistles & Mushrooms Giveaway!

    I picked out a mix of items from Nichola’s adorable project (and a few new items) to make this Giveaway:
    Thistles Collage Sheet
    Silver Thistle with Leaves
    Chipboard Thistles Set
    Potion Bottles Sampler Set (a ton of options!)
    Red Mushrooms on Wires
    Fern Garland
    Feathery Flourishes Set
    Mini Oak Leaves in Bag
    Fairy Tales & Gypsy Proverbs Collage Sheet

    To enter the Thistles & Mushrooms Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, March 4, 2016)! And tell me: What will you make with all these items? A wagon like Nichola’s? A different project?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won the February Kits Giveaway? That would be Gretchen! Congratulations! Check your email for info.

    Posted by Leslie, March 3rd, 2016

    64 responses to “Fairies, Thistles (and Birds on Sale)”

    1. Nadine Ertel says:

      I would love to make a little fairy village!

    2. barb macaskill says:

      I would make a fantastic Fairy garden scene with all of these lovely items!!! Gettingready to place an order that includes the awesome Fairy Garden Gate!! LOOOOOOVE it!! This would be an awesome addition to my Fairy Village!!

    3. If I were the lucky recipient of this giveaway, I would make a small “fairy garden” and decorate it with these items~ Last year I made my first fairy garden and my grandkids loved it!
      Now, my little granddaughter is asking me when we can do it again.
      Thanks for the chance to put that little sparkle in her eyes.
      Annette Crain

    4. Kim Lucak says:

      Too fun! Reminds me of Tinkerbell!!!! My oldest enjoys Peter Pan 🙂

    5. Traci says:

      I love Nichola’s fairy cart so cute-would love to make one too. >^..^<

    6. Maggie M says:

      I’ve been wanting to create a fairy wagon sales booth for my grand daughter for ages. I have already purchased the small shrine box but need everything else! My list of things to buy from Alpha Stamps is huge, so help me out by picking me to win this fairy-delicious giveaway!

    7. Jennifer J says:

      SO, so cute! I love this. I would love to make a little fairy/magic cupboard.

    8. LeAnn says:

      I love Nichola’s wagon. I would attempt to make a similar one. So Cute!

    9. Jen R says:

      Would love to try the wagon.

    10. Francine perri says:

      I love these would love to try to make a wagon thank you

    11. Carla says:

      I see an old lady in an overgrown garden with lots of vines and old leggy flowering plants

    12. Carla says:

      I see an old lady in an overgrown garden with lots of vines and old leggy flowering plants

    13. Luanne Shoup says:

      I would like to make a thistle garden with all of the new thistle supplies!

    14. Lana says:

      Rolling medical show…lots of interesting things can be added to those little bottles.

    15. Brenda Moehlig says:

      A witch a field and a rolling apothecary cart. She gathers her mushrooms, herbs, etc to make her potions in the cauldron that she sets up in the field. Yep, gotta make this now. Awesome giveaway

    16. OMG..OMG … How delightful !!!! I would make a magical fairy seed cart to distribute all the magical flowers for this coming Spring( sprinkle sprinkle)

    17. Victoria says:

      What a charming creation! I adore the woodsy theme.

    18. Karen says:

      Fall is my favorite season and some of the items in this beautiful giveaway would be perfect for accessories for a fall fairy.

    19. Kat Cashwell says:

      Love these items! I would have to make an English Secret Garden with some trolls!

    20. jean marmo says:

      There could not be anything cuter than this!! Our family spend time every spring mushroom hunting. These are calling me!

    21. Emily Ann Dale says:

      Love the wagon… I’d make a circus wagon.

    22. Margaret D says:

      LOVE!!!! Wonderful giveaway!! I am working on faery gardens and wagons right now and I would love to have these things to add to my pieces. And there is nothing that Nichola does that I don’t love. Alpha Stamps is my favorite place to come and shop. I would love to win this!

    23. Barbara Anderson says:

      Would make a fairy cart, full of faith, trust & pixie dust!

    24. Lou Anne says:

      I’d make a fairy garden wagon. All of this is just fabulous!

    25. Leanna Alverson says:

      If I won, I would use the items in my 2016 Fairy Garden!

    26. Jen says:

      Oh, I think these would go very nicely with a fairy herbal apothecary shop with a nice little medicinal garden out back. Where do you think all the woodland creatures go for their aches and pains???
      Thanks for another sweet set to get the creative juices going!!

    27. Lorna E says:

      I see a fairy/woodland themed shadow box in my future!

    28. carmen g says:

      Ok…the question threw me. All I could think of “If I could make ANYTHING like Nichola, I’d be happier than a pig in a poke!” Not that I know what a poke is, but I’ll take the adage’s word that it’s a great thing. I LOVE those little rolling creations! And the thistle?? I never really knew what those were…down here in the South, we have cockleburrs. They’re pretty nasty. But I digress. I’d probably just spend a week LOOKING at everything in this pack because of its coolness. How could I commit to anything right now? Oh…the PRESSURE! 😉

    29. Michelle says:

      I love scrolling, organic things.

      If I were to use the items together, I might make little tiny potion bottles with themes: swirling vines or leaves, (the fern garland would be really good for that), mushrooms and fall leaves, etc. The thistle chipboard would be good for masking labels, should I choose to have them, for these bottles.

    30. Marilyn Hughes says:

      LOVE the wagon!

      I would make some kind of floral alchemist something (shop or cart). The bottles gave me that idea.

    31. Evelyn Reyes says:

      Lovely little garden!

    32. Barb Striethorst says:

      A potion wagon for sure!!

    33. Karen Mallory says:

      Love this giveaway! I think I would make a fairy cottage.

    34. Janet T says:

      I love this giveaway. I think I would make a shadwbox fairy garden.

    35. Winnie says:

      I would make something with the thistles. They remind me of our yard when we first move in to our home. One neighbor said how pretty our purple flower yard was; ). Just remember never run barefoot in the yard!

    36. Mary Helene says:

      I think using all these fun pieces in a garden wagon would be fun.

    37. Holly says:

      Fairy garden, definitely! That’d tie me over until _real_ plants (and fairies)were growing in my garden!

    38. DianeD says:

      Love thistle! Perfect for a fairy garden. Especially love the crown!

    39. Jennie says:

      How about a Fairy Godmother’s workshop? Where she brews up potions and magic for all the wee folk!

    40. Kathy M says:

      I’d love to win this kit because I have a beautiful glass tabletop garden house that I’d love to set up as a fairy garden.

    41. Stefanie says:

      I love these little wagons!! I think I would make a faerie cabin for a little wise fae fortune teller :o)

    42. Barbara Ferrell says:

      I love fairies and the thistle wagons. I hunt mushrooms in the late spring. I would make something very simular

    43. Denise Bryant says:

      Love this beautiful wagon! I’d love to make one like Nichola’s!

    44. Marlene Daniels says:

      I would love to make a wagon and add it to my fairy garden.

    45. Nancy O says:

      These items would be used as part of the decor on the 3D castle I am building as a ‘home’ for my granddaughters fairies. Nichola’s creations are what inspired me to create their new abode.

    46. joan says:

      I dream of pixies and brownies and little fairies, all travelling in a charming wagon.

    47. Alma Casiano says:

      I’d say the one that Nichola made was awesome ! so it would be hard to beat that BUT I’d add lots of wonderful little bits to make it my best !

    48. Kimberly Barcello says:

      How ’bout a mini fairy world in a great big glass apothecary jar or cloche!

    49. Leah Fein says:

      A tiny gypsy wagon

    50. Eve Watters says:

      The wagon is lovely,
      It looks so neat,
      But I;d make a cottage,
      On a little fairy street!

    51. Phoebe Diamond says:

      I have some smallish twig chairs that could use a bit of forest bling. They are the kind of places that inebriated fairies and gnomes might pass out on after a long night’s frolic.

    52. KIM says:

      What a great give away.
      With the mushrooms, ferns, wagon, and leaves .
      They would make a wonderful old wagon that was abandoned years ago in the rain forest.

    53. cathrine bolin says:

      I would make Oolee a wagon. Oolee is my needlefelted elf, who tends a magical forest with his friend Cinder. A wagon would very helpful to carry all their tools

    54. Elizabeth H. says:

      I would make a gypsy wagon. Great choice of items!

    55. marykay chisum says:

      Love this beautiful projects! I would love to have the opportunity to play with this kit

    56. Nancy S says:

      Just love this project. I’m not sure that I can top perfection!

    57. Alison says:

      I was thinking an Alice in Wonderland Mini Garden! The Resin Gate leading into the garden filled with little mushrooms and ferns and leaves and bottles! This is an awesome kit! Thank you!

    58. Clarissa says:

      These tidbits put me in mind of the days I lived in a van with my love and we explored to British countryside one B road at a time. I’d be compelled to build a memento of sorts, maybe for our 27th anniversary.

    59. Carolyn Bowlby says:

      I would be tempted to try duplicating the ideas shown. I couldn’t do any better. Love it.

    60. Jo says:

      Love the fairies! Would love to get this and make a fairy garden with mice and fairies!

    61. Ginette says:

      Easy to get inspired by those projects.

    62. Deidre says:

      I would make an Alice in Wonderland garden….thanks for the chance to win!

    63. Carol Slowik says:

      I love all the sweet stuff! I would make something for my very Irish friend!

    64. Jolyn Stephens says:

      I would love to make some earrings out of those little mushrooms!