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Pixie Palace by Shannon Cooper plus New Minis & Sale!

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My oh my! I have to agree with Design Team Member Shannon Cooper: this is a much larger piece than her normal scale. But it is also a wonder!

You might not be able to tell from the bark and mushroom “awnings” on the exterior that this is actually TWO Octagon Room Boxes stacked on top one another for two floors of living space. (Luckily Shannon provides some tips on how she built up all that structure on the outside: it involves a lot of aluminum foil so it’s not heavy).

Here’s the first of a few snippets from Shannon’s blog post:

Normally, I like to create small things: half-scale miniatures, knitted socks, three inch embroideries, that sort of thing. But sometimes you gotta shake things up to keep it exciting, right? I guess that’s what I was thinking when I made a 1:12 scale Pixie Palace for any wee folk living in the backyard.

There’s a cute rustic door (it does open!) and a planter box with trellis on the outside, and a few windows with mica tile panes sandwiched between. The outside is covered in lichen, climbing vines, foliage, and plants.

Moving on to the inside (see the first wide photo below), here’s a quick tour from Shannon’s post (before I pick out one corner to zoom in on for more details):

On the first floor is a stone fireplace and new dry sink. I covered a Narrow Victorian Fireplace with paperclay and tiny pebbles to make it look like a stone fireplace. The flooring is jumbo craft sticks cut to resemble tree rings. The color was nice, so I left them bare.

There’s a black metal pot hanging over the firewood, plus a bunch of tiny things on the mantel like a green jar, a half-scale crate of mushrooms, plants, a different bitty metal pot, and a bowl. I also see a wooden chair (new!), dutch oven, wooden spoon, and…is that a pink cocktail umbrella in the background?


I love the wee bed on the upper floor! It’s actually part of a (new!) bunk bed, so if a second pixie decides to move in, all I will need to do is add the top bunk and knit another blanket.

In the corner is a pretty pitcher and basin set sitting on a spool, a square planter, a paper label, and a snippet of an advertisement.

I used the Bookshelf with Drawers for storage but altered it a little with paperclay. Adding paperclay to a chipboard kit can totally transform a piece. Before covering the bookshelf with the clay, I painted it with gesso to make sure the clay would not warp the chipboard. I have done this with multiple chipboard pieces and have never had any issue, even when I wet the clay to shape it. Sometimes I also add a light layer of glue before slathering the piece with paperclay, but mostly on heavy things like the stone fireplace.

Back to the Bottom Floor for the DRY SINK

Finally back to the corner of the first floor I omitted (and the subject of my close-up below):

Here is the kitchen area, all ready for a quick bite to eat! There’s a dry sink, hand pump, pail, and soap dish [painted silver]. Next to the sink is a fern stand used as a table, cheeses, a basket for fruit and sweets, wooden bucket, thimble planter for pink flowers, pumpkin pods, a metal dish of apples, and a barrel planter of grass.

Above the fern stand is a spice rack with a towel bar that’s perfect for hanging plants, herbs, or even a sickle! An assortment of jars sit on the shelf: red jam, a mason jar, baby food jar, metal apothecary jar, and a fun creamer with flowers tucked inside. I crocheted a window valance and added a candle to a pop top “candleholder”.

Whew! Quite a tour! Great job, Shannon!!

Note: you can see EVERYTHING in Shannon’s supply list or here’s a subset of the things on/around the Dry Sink (still quite a list)!

And don’t forget to go visit Shannon’s blog post for more photos and tips!

What else is new today?

Beside the 5 new items already mentioned above: more 1:12 scale furniture and accessories that would be right at home in a vintage fairy house.

And the black hand pump that Shannon used on the dry sink is also shown below.

Plus a half scale version of the dry sink.

Bonus: the original version of the Tell the Bees 6×6 Paper Pad is back-in-stock!

See everything new today with one click.

NEW Sale: 1:12 Miscellaneous Section

This is a big group and an odd group. Big as in over 260 items! Odd as it’s a mix of things that didn’t fall into other categories in the minis section — but a bunch of items in Shannon’s supply list are in here (like the 3 items in the first row below)!

25% off on EVERYTHING in this 1:12 Miscellaneous Collection!

Anything on clearance in this group is marked down to 50% off!

The sale ends MONDAY NIGHT, March 29th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

Here’s examples of clearance items in the sale (50% off)!

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