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    New Noel Paper; New Miniatures; Voodoo Shadowbox Art!

    Filed under Art Projects, Back in Stock, Christmas, Halloween, Miniatures, Shannon Cooper

    Yes, it’s that time of year. Speeding toward fall, we have a mix of Halloween and Christmas goodies to announce.

    Starting off with the (back in stock!) German Walnut Shells and Miniature Nativity Scene. Beside being adorably tiny and perfect for Christmas, Design Team Member Shannon Cooper used the nativity set in a Halloween project shown below.

    Voodoo Shadowbox by Shannon Cooper

    We’re revisiting a project that Shannon created earlier this year: the Voodoo Shadowbox is so creepy cool! AND I’ve created a whole “Voodoo Collection Sale” around the items in Shannon’s supply list (plus I added more potion labels and bottles, then added everything with “SKULL” in the title, too) to bring the sale up to 80 items!

    But before we delve into the sale, back to this fab project! Here’s some text from Shannon’s blog post:

    I’ve had this awesome Mini Wooden Printer’s Type Tray from Alpha Stamps on my craft table for some time, just waiting for a me to fill it with lots of little notions. Next to the tray lay a handful of doodads, and while on hold with the USPS during the holidays, I rifled through the stuff and eventually began gluing things together while patiently waiting my turn. By the time a real-live person answered the call, I had several bottles filled with herbs and feathers, tiny jars, some rhinestones glued into a skull’s eye sockets, and quite a few Tarot cards snipped from the Tiny Divination Cards Collage Sheet (also in pic below). We won’t mention the wait time. :/

    I didn’t fret over what went where or making things just so. It was more of an “I’m going to glue this right here and all will be fine, moving on” kind of project. A few images from various collage sheets, like the Little Potions one, were glued to the backs of a few cubbies, and then the bottles, candles (psst, they are mostly real candles, minus the red one on the skull which is beeswax and embroidery floss!) were added, followed by some Spring Green Lichen Mix and other natural elements. All of the roses were cut from tissue paper and glued around a wire stem.

    Read more (and see more photos in Shannon’s blog post! Below are a few of the items from Shannon’s supply list (all on sale!)… and keep reading as there’s that related Voodoo Collection Sale, and a Giveaway based on this Voodoo Shadowbox!

    NEW Flash Sale: Voodoo Collection

    This is a special sale! It started with the supply list from Shannon’s Voodoo Shadowbox. Then it grew to include extra potion labels and bottles! Over 40 items at 25% off! The items I’m highlighting in the pics below are things not in Shannon’s supply list (but goodies in her supply list are also included in the sale)!

    BONUS: The sale also includes ALL ITEMS with SKULL in the title! Note: only a few of these show up on the main sale link (those in Shannon’s artwork) so be sure to view SKULL in the title to see them all (Over 30 more items and includes charms to chipboard to collage sheets)!

    Any items on clearance in this collection (or clearance skulls) are marked down to 50% off!

    The sale ends MONDAY NIGHT, September 14th at midnight PST.
    See the Voodoo Collection or SKULL in the title items.

    New Noel Paper Pad!

    Yes, we’re switching back to the Christmas theme with the NEW Noel 6×6 Paper Pad!

    Still love that aqua and red combo! From snowflakes and crackers (the British ones) to mistletoe and poinsettias. 40 pages printed on heavyweight cardstock (4 each of 10 double-sided sheets) with elegant pearlescent and spot-varnish effects. Plus the inner front and back covers are printed with extra ephemera elements.

    This pad uses similar hefty-weight paper as the other Craft Consortium Paper Pads.

    What else is new today? (or back in stock)

    Revisit the Voodoo Shadowbox Giveaway!

    Sooo many items are in Shannon’s supply list. I’m using the close-up photo below to constrain my choices a bit.

    Beside the shadowbox itself, I’m including these items in today’s Giveaway:
    Large White Turquoise Skull Bead
    1 Inch Black Acrylic Raven (over on the far right of the photo, and the Small Vase with 2 Handles he’s sitting on)
    Amber Even Tinier Bottles
    Amber Resin Contoured Bottle

    AND all SIX of these collage sheets! (And remember: those are all on sale!)

    To enter the Revisit the Voodoo Shadowbox Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, MONDAY Night, September 14, 2020).

    And tell me: what will you make from these items?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    Who won the Mushroom Toast Giveaway from the last newsletter? That would be Jackie P Neal! Congrats! Check your email for info.

    Posted by Leslie, September 13th, 2020

    51 responses to “New Noel Paper; New Miniatures; Voodoo Shadowbox Art!”

    1. Jean Marmo says:

      Love that shadowbox! My 3 1/2 year old granddaughter loves skeletons. She would like this!

    2. Sharon House says:


    3. Denise H. says:

      Love Shannon’s “work” and love Halloween and would sooo enjoy making such a shadowbox. Thanks Alpha Stamps!

    4. Ann F. says:

      The Voodoo shadowbox is epic!

    5. Anne S says:

      Perfect timing. I’ve just started on this year’s Halloween projects

    6. Connie says:

      Love that little shadow box. Thanks for revisiting this project, it’s amazing!

    7. Denise Bryant says:

      I’d make a fun Halloween decoration! These are awesome!

    8. Traci says:

      Too cute but I would have to add some black cats to it. Love Halloween and the great ideas the design team shares.

    9. Deb says:

      Oh pick me, pick me. I LOVE this detailed spooky tray.

    10. Diane Segura says:

      Awesome! Great collection of tools & toys for Marie Laveau.

    11. Kimberly says:

      OMgoodness! I love Halloween 🎃 “Skulls and creep all year long” is my motto. Such love for littles!

    12. Dianna says:

      Love Halloween! I would like to do something as talented as Shannon did if I’m so lucky to win the giveaway.

    13. Mary Ann Fry says:

      I would make it just like Shannon did. I love everything about it. Thanks for the giveaway. And thanks for the inspiration Shannon.

    14. Laural says:

      Such a massive wonderment for Halloween! Excellent idea, Shannon

    15. Jen R says:

      One of my favorites Shannon!

    16. jo says:

      This is so cool and so inspiring! I love the voodoo theme!

    17. Kat Cashwell says:

      Love love this voodoo shadow box!!!

    18. Sue O says:

      Getting ready for Halloween!

    19. Babette Metheny says:

      I love Halloween and this theme is right up my alley!

    20. Nancy AT says:

      I adore this cabinet. It really sets a mood of spooky and eerie! Great job!

    21. SusanB says:

      Very nice and fun! It would be easy to add items related to Voudon culture as well, if you would like to make it more authentic.

    22. Paula Miller says:

      how wonderfully creepy! I love miniature displays of holiday goodies! This would be so much fun!

    23. Kathy says:

      that shadowbox is wonderful.

    24. Karen Mallory says:

      I love Halloween shadow boxes! That’s what I would make.I love that Alpha Stamps one. I have used it a couple of times!

    25. Kathy S says:

      Voodoo? Awesome. (And great collage sheets.) is I’m all set.

    26. Christi C says:

      Shadowboxes are one of my favorite things to make & with all this great stuff (your mini’s are so awesome!!!) it would be a breeze to create 🙂

    27. Jackie says:

      This is one of my favourite projects on this site. I love it.

    28. Laurie S. says:

      Love, Halloween! The VOODOO shadowbox is the icing on the cake! Love it!!!

    29. Donna says:

      Love the shadow box and all the ideas….oooh…such fun.

    30. Sherrie Conant says:

      Reminds me of my “grave yard” tour in New Orleans years ago!

    31. Karen Adams says:

      That is so cool! I’d definitely make the shadow ox!

    32. Kim R says:

      Wow! So cool! Ive actually been wanting to make a voodoo shadowbox!

    33. Lynn Fox says:

      Bravo! Voodoo shadowbox is mindblowing!

    34. Elizabeth Dewey says:

      I am working on my first haunted dollhouse. Great ideas here.

    35. Janet Turner says:

      What a great, spooky craft for Halloween!

    36. Nancy E says:

      Looks like a great project for Halloween!

    37. Linda Strickland says:

      halloween is right around the corner

    38. Leah says:

      Love that project, probably would work those items into a voodoo shadow box similar to this!

    39. Helen says:

      I would love to have this little shadow box!

      Shannon always makes cool things.

    40. Susan Sparke says:

      This would keep me busy for a while! Love this little box!

    41. Barbara M Griggs says:

      Love the creepy voodoo vibe!

    42. Nadine says:

      Fun Stuff!Love, Halloween!

    43. joy PURCELL says:

      I love this season!

    44. Fantastic! What’s Halloween without a little Voodoo?

    45. Megan Ruth Warren says:

      This is one of her best yet

    46. lee Maynard says:

      most of these items I would use in the secret attic room of my dollhouse

    47. ricki walker says:

      I LOVE all things Halloween! This little shadow box is amazing! Just need to add some black cats!

    48. Rhonda says:

      I love the voodoo shelf!

    49. Charlotte says:

      This would become part of my Halloween Room

    50. Kathy Toews says:

      I’m a school teacher, I need me some voodoo right about now.

    51. Evleta says:

      Oooh what a cool thing to do a little voodoo fun!