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    Angels & Demons (Gnomes are back! HOUSES on SALE!)

    Filed under Art Projects, Back in Stock, Giveaways, Guest Designers, Sale

    Oh, what a lively, jam-packed newsletter today! Before I show you the Angels & Demons House (which inspired the new Houses sale), those little wooden gnomes are finally back in stock! They got stuck in customs… 🙁

    See all the back in stock items below (and farther down for some NEW items, including some VALENTINE things!

    Angels & Demons House by Guest Designer Angela Serna Zoco!

    Wow! I love this house-shaped shrine (wonky house-shaped shrine!) that Angie created. So much so that I was inspired to put all the houses on sale! (But back to this cool house shrine first!)

    (Ok… maybe second: do you remember the other projects Angie made recently? There were TWO Three Little Kittens Projects and TWO Angelic Art Projects! She is a prolific and talented designer and I would not be surprised to see her back later this year!)

    OK: NOW on to today’s project: Angie made the house with strips of chipboard, which allowed for the bendy roof. See the wide photo below for a couple in-process pics. I like the freedom of laying the house over the images you plan on using as background to decide where to glue the background. And since Angie cut out A ZILLION images from the collage sheets used, most of the background is just visible in tiny bits so no problem with using a collage sheet (uncut) as the back/background of the house.

    Read more (and see more photos in Angie’s blog post! Below are a few of the items from Angie’s supply list… and keep reading as there’s a Giveaway based on this Angels & Demons House!

    NEW Goodies: Feeling like Valentine’s Day is coming?

    NEW Flash Sale: HOUSES

    This is a special sale! I was inspired by the Angels & Demons House, so I’ve created this collection with tons of houses: chipboard houses to decorate, resin or ceramic clay 3D houses, even little metal birdhouses! Over 60 options!

    All on sale at 30% off!

    Psst: anything on clearance in this collection is marked down to 50% off!

    The sale ends FRIDAY NIGHT, January 24th at midnight PST. See the entire sale collection here!

    Hooray for the House Shrine Giveaway!

    Here’s another photo with some close-ups of the angels & demons vying for space (in the house? on your shoulders?) from Angie’s beautiful shrine.

    So to start off this Giveaway, I’m including the 4 angels collage sheets Angie used.

    Next, as Angie made her own house, I’m giving the drawing winner a choice of ONE of the 3 shrines below! (Note: all 3 of those are in the house sale!)

    To enter the House Shrine Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY Night, January 24, 2020).

    AND TELL ME WHICH SHRINE YOU WANT. Even if you don’t win, I would like to know why you picked the one you did. (Just click on the 3 photos below for more details and the name of each option.)

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org).

    Oh! The Voodoo Shadowbox Giveaway winner from the last newsletter! Drum roll, please: The winner is Nadine! Please check your email for more information.

    Posted by Leslie, January 23rd, 2020

    32 responses to “Angels & Demons (Gnomes are back! HOUSES on SALE!)”

    1. Kim R says:

      I love the House Shrine. Its bigger so you can add more stuff to it! 🙂
      Angies Angels + Demons house is fantastic!!

    2. Susan Nelson says:

      WOW! Such an awesome giveaway, so many wonderful goodies to craft with! I love the mini four room house on the right. 🙂

    3. Nadine says:

      Thank You for the giveaway! I would choose the Small Haunted House Frame Set. There are always so many great ideas!

    4. Ann F. says:

      My daughter-in-law loves Gnomes. It would be fun to make something for her using them.

    5. Rhonda says:

      the 4 room house is cute. I would choose that.

    6. Kathy Toews says:

      The wonky house is too fun. I love the house shrine and use them a lot, so I would like to try the mini house room box for this giveaway.

    7. jackie says:

      I like the mini house with 4 cubbies best because I like to make rooms with purpose and the divisions allow for more contrast.

    8. Laural says:

      Loving the idea for the crooked house. I would pick the first shrine,the one with legs. if I won

    9. Jennifer Sobolewski says:

      I love the mini house room box because I can create 4 little vignettes. It’s fun!!

    10. Deanne says:

      Love making shrines…the house shrine box would be my choice

    11. Ronda Liebert says:

      Love this giveaway. I would like the 4 room house.

    12. Denise Bryant says:

      Love the Mini House Room Box, #3! I could see 4 little rooms in that house and it would be really fun to put it together!

    13. Lynne says:

      I would choose the house shrine. The shape and size is good for all kinds of miniature scenes. It’s a classic!

    14. Kimberly says:

      House shrine box kit, please. Love the little legs! 😄

    15. Susan Coolidge says:

      What a generous giveaway! Love all the houses, but my favorite is the MiniHouse Room Box. I can think of so many uses for this “shadow box” with my minis. Thanks.

    16. Gerry Sue PIERSON says:

      I like the haunted house. So many possibilities!

    17. Karen Mallory says:

      Wow! I would never have thought of a fantastic house like this!! Fabulous!

    18. Sandra Locklin says:

      Great giveaway. Love the house

    19. Barbara Griggs says:

      I love the shrine, and the fantastic images used from the collage sheets. I like the small haunted house frame best because the many windows allow for a plethora of images and tiny collages!

    20. Jean Marmo says:

      This is quite cool! Wish my brain thought this way!

    21. Noreen says:

      My favorite is the 4 room house. It would be fun to decorate as a tiny doll house. Those gnomes are super cute!

    22. Laura Norman says:

      I love that house! It kind of makes me think of Good Omens.

      Of the three choices for the giveaway, I would pick the House Shrine Box Kit. I like that it has feet and the open interior leaves a lot of opportunity for customizing.

    23. Kat Cashwell says:

      I love the little gnomes!!!

    24. Jo says:

      I like the house with the four cubbies – I can see where it could house four different types of angels and devils!

    25. JIll MacCartney says:

      How beautiful and fun!

    26. KIM says:

      What a great giveaway.

    27. Lana says:

      Definitely the first one, I could put a piece of glass over the opening and make a little “curiosity box”

    28. Kitty Tatman says:

      I think I would choose the first house, simply because of the legs!

    29. Sylvia L says:

      Very unusual & creative house! I would select the first one; the “feet” give it an elegant feeling.

    30. Helen says:

      I Love Angie’s clever wonky angels and demons house! I’m going to definitely give that house design a go! If I were to win this giveaway, I would be happy with any of the three, but I would choose the first one because it is a single ‘room’, and I also like the legs. Thank you for a chance to win!

    31. Maura says:

      I’m blown away by the Angels and Demons house! If I were lucky enough to win, I would pick the House shrine kit. I’m a big fan of angels, and would like to make a guardian angel shrine.

    32. Dorothy Peterson says:

      More great items, love the gnomes and want to do a similar project with my granddaughters.