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    Bagatelle Boxes! Plus Frames & Fairies FLASH SALE!

    Filed under Art Projects, Back in Stock, Giveaways, Laura Carson, Newsletters, Nichola Battilana, Sale

    Reminder: The Design Team Call closes tonight! Note: you can apply as a paper crafter, collage artist, rubber stamper or miniaturist! Short story: deadline for submissions is January 31, 2019. Looking forward to seeing your artwork!

    I know… it’s cold. Some of you are hiding in your houses and wondering if the woolly mammoths will be running down the street soon.

    This may help a little. In addition to the flash sale on ALL Die-Cut Frames & Windows (inspired by Nichola’s artwork below — now 25% off!), I’ve also put the Fairies Collage Sheets on sale — 50% off!! Instant color if you buy a digital collage sheet file! See the Frames & Fairies sale section for a big mixed-up group of them both! The sale ends at midnight TOMORROW night, February 1st. A few more highlights from the sale section are below (beside the Miniature Bookplates Die-Cut Set shown at right… back in stock, in Nichola’s artwork AND on sale)!

    Next up: Do you remember these lovely little Fairy Dust Bagatelle Boxes that Design Team Member Nichola Battilana made a few years ago? The boxes (all SIX of them!) are now back: Bagatelle Boxes!

    Teeny tiny! That’s what these boxes are! Cute as little shrines (like Nichola made) or you can stack them into your own configuration (there’s a photo with one option farther below in this post).

    And all those cute “fairy dust” labels on the bottles are from Nichola’s Fairy Dust Collage Sheet! Psst: Part of the current flash sale!

    More info on her Fairy Dust Bagatelle Boxes is in this blog post, plus here’s her supply list.

    Note: check the Giveaway below for a photo showing a ton of little bottles that fit in the boxes.

    New & Back in Stock Supplies!

    Highlights from the Frames & Fairies FLASH SALE!

    Click: FLASH SALE to see everything (99 items)!


    (Or now for something completely different…)

    Wow! Design Team Member Laura Carson used TWO of the Bagatelle Box – 1-1/2 x 4 Inches (stacked on top of each other, laying horizontally) on a 1:12 scale dollhouse table to make a secretary! (See the photo at left… and those cubbies on either end of the boxes — like the one on the left side with scrolls inside: matchboxes!)

    The secretary was inside Ghostmore Manor: part of Laura’s Haunted Village… the final installment of her fab Haunted Village Series from 2015.

    The printed top of that secretary (plus a zillion spooky trims from the project) are on the Ghostmore Manor Collage Sheet Set (or its digital companion: Ghostmore Manor Set Download).

    More info on Laura’s project is on this post, and quite a few items from the supply list are still available.

    Tiny Boxes & Bottles Giveaway!

    As promised, see below for photos of the boxes grouped together, and for a sampling of glass bottles that fit in the boxes (read on for which they are).

    The Giveaway includes:
    – ALL SIX of the Bagatelle Boxes
    – Nichola’s Fairy Dust Collage Sheet
    Miniature Bookplates Die-Cut Set (used all over the place in Nichola’s artwork… see photo above)
    Stackable Labels Die-Cut Set (see 2 pics in the bottom right of the photos below)
    A tons of bottles! Here’s the list of all shown PLUS a couple extras (same height but not shown in photo, so all will fit just fine). Yes, I’m including ALL of the bottles in that link! (Note: for more specific info on the bottles, there’s a photo with captions of the bottle names on the 2×3″ and 1.5×4″ box pages — those are the 2 boxes used in that photo.)

    To enter the Tiny Boxes & Bottles Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY or TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, Friday Night, February 1, 2019).

    And what are you going to make with all those tiny boxes?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello!) correct email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org).

    Hey, who won the Revisiting the Land of the Butterfly Queen Giveaway from Sunday’s newsletter? That would be Lynn Fox! Congrats! Check your email for info.

    Posted by Leslie, January 31st, 2019

    85 responses to “Bagatelle Boxes! Plus Frames & Fairies FLASH SALE!”

    1. Stacy Blow says:

      With those tiny boxes, I would make a shadow box collage for my Kingdom Doll Savile’s Paris apartment. So many possibilities for celebrating her life in miniature!

    2. BarbMac Vt says:

      This giveaway prize is perfect for me! I love little bottles, all things Fairy and boxes of any size or shape! I would have so much fun creating with the assorted items included! I am giddy just thinking about it!
      I love Nichola’s creations and hope I win so I can make these with my own twist! TFS!

    3. Margaret Dolan says:

      I love those little boxes that Nichola did! I remember those 🙂 wonderful giveaway thanks for the chance to win.

    4. Nadine says:

      That secretary is wow amazing!

    5. Cynthia Penney says:

      This is darling! So many options for the bottles. Would love to win this one.

    6. Barbara A says:

      Love the secretary, it’s fabulous. Great job Laura, thanks for sharing.

    7. Erin Gardner says:

      I’d love those little boxes, change the configuration for the seasons.

    8. Kathy S. says:

      So million-many uses for boxes and bottles.

    9. Catharine McCammon says:

      Weeeeeee I’ll be putting little leprechauns in those wee little boxes for my grandbabies to find in the yard!

    10. LeAnn Aagard says:

      I would love to use the boxes and bottles to make a fairy apothecary similar to what Nichola did.

    11. mindy says:

      love the little bottles to use for my friends

    12. Sue Young says:

      Oooohhhhh! More potion space for my Apothecary!

    13. Pauline Martin says:

      I love to come up with things to do with the tint boxes and bottles. Would love these.

    14. karen young says:

      Love this stuff. It would look great with my new project titled Oddities.

    15. Debora L. says:

      Boxes and bottles! Oh my! This would be great fun! Love all the ideas 🙂

    16. Donna Kottcamp says:

      I have a fondness for Egypt. I think I’d put powdered mummy in one of those cute little bottles.

    17. Darlene says:

      Oooo luv the collage sheet…

    18. Traci says:

      Laura’s secretary is amazing. I am always amazed to see what she can do with a flat sheet of paper to make it look like as if it is real.

    19. Sylvia L says:

      I think I’d make something Halloween-ish with them ,or maybe something Spring-y.

    20. trudy a widner says:

      All those boxes make a great shadowbox! My Halloween miniatures would be perfect for that!

    21. Jennie Ingram says:

      How can I resist tiny bottles?!?!

    22. These are adorable and so alterable! Would love to play with them! Thank you

    23. Jaimi B says:

      In in awe of that secretary! All that detail is amazing! I would love to make a fantastastical springtime apothecary with the tiny boxes, bottles and fairy dust labels.

    24. Winnie says:

      I absolutely love those boxes! Great giveaway!

    25. Jean Marmo says:

      Such a creative project filled with wonderful details! Loving those tiny bottles!

    26. Kathy Toews says:

      I have boxes of boxes, and need more.

    27. Ann F. says:

      I love the secretary made with the little boxes. I would love to make something like that with a Halloween theme.

    28. Jen R says:

      These are so cute. I can think of a bunch of ways to use them!

    29. Anita H says:

      I’ll love all tiny boxes and bottles!!
      I’ll think it’s perfect for all saeasons!
      Thank’s for a chance to win this give away.

    30. Melanie says:

      I would like to make little memory boxes for each
      Member of my family!

    31. Kathy S says:

      so cute……….think they would be neat place card holders at weddings, birthdays, etc.

    32. Amy says:

      I need a winter project!

    33. Shelleybweb says:

      All together or many separate ideas, these boxes and bottles have such potential. This is a wonderful giveaway, thanks.

    34. Linda Strickland says:

      I will be ordering all the boxes

    35. Terri Scalise Hamm says:

      So adorable! I am thinking of a seaside tableau, with different vignettes. Love these ideas!

    36. Marykay says:

      So many possibilities!

    37. Laurie B says:

      I have altered jewelry gift boxes,but now I’m out so I could use the bagatelle boxes.nice job with the mini hutch!

    38. Verna says:

      Well, looks like a tiny fairy left a bottle of fairy dust for someone to write a sweet spring fairy tale. This is great. Thanks for the giveaway.

    39. oh gosh these are all so adorable and I would probably copy what she did because they are so cute!

    40. Angie M says:

      I would like to put group the boxes and display miniature modern artwork in them

    41. Sharon says:

      Oh, the things I’d create!

    42. Rhonda S says:

      I love the secretary and everyone loves fairy dust.

    43. Gloria Ritter says:

      I adore fairies and sprites and Pixies! I really appreciate this offer to receive these wonderful gifts! I would make something for year around for my home that would bring joy and laughter! The bottles and other things are just so enchanting! Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas would probably be my focus! What a blessing to be given such a great assortment of beauties!!!! Thank you, thanks and wow!

    44. Diane Duller says:

      I do, I do, I dooo believe in fairies!!!

    45. Nancy AT says:

      Love, adore and am amazed at the creativity, beauty and supplies! Thank you Alpha Stamps and creators!

    46. Nancy AT says:

      Love, adore and am amazed at the creativity, beauty and supplies! Thank you Alpha Stamps and creators! I want to make magical things!

    47. Jennifer Sobolewski says:

      Lots of options with this grouping! thanks!

    48. Karen Ann says:

      Bottles and Boxes what a great idea for Pixie Dust display. I’m ready to create.

    49. Chris K. says:

      I love those little bottles. I think I’d use them in dollhouse kitchen and bathroom. Could make bookcases with the boxes.

    50. Monica Gabehart says:

      Love tiny boxes!

    51. Karen Mallory says:

      Oooooo! Mini boxes and bottles! I love this giveaway.

    52. Margery McInerny says:

      One can never have enough boxes and bottles.
      I loved Lauras haunted village and made 4 of the shops. The thrifty witch, the tavern,the resturant and the beauty shop. Such fun!

    53. Gloria Bieber says:

      I LOVE the new Bagatelle Boxes! I can’t wait to get some!

    54. Kay Horner says:

      I adore these tiny bottles. I have a fairy diorama that I would love to spruce up with some of these things.

    55. Mary Allen says:

      I love making apothecaries, so I would be thrilled to get more bottles. For the boxes I really like the shape made with all the boxes. So a collage, maybe with an apothecary theme.

    56. Barbara Carter says:

      Oh my goodness. I just love the bottles and boxes. My mind is racing with all these ideas for them. Thank you so much for such a great giveaway!

    57. Kat Cashwell says:

      I love these little boxes- what fun it would be to fill them up with all the awesome new miniatures!!!!

    58. I love these boxes Would love to fill them up with my mini bottles

    59. Gail Shenberger says:

      So much could be done with those tiny boxes .

    60. Becky Sorensen says:

      Oh what a fun giveaway. I am just starting to spread my wings into using tins and small boxes and making shrines and ornaments. This would be fun to make them with these goodies.

    61. Nan says:

      I can think of so many projects for these boxes!

    62. The best things come in small packages 😁

    63. Dona says:

      I would sure like this wonderful collection !

    64. Judy Goodwin says:

      I’d make fairy gardens in the shadow boxes.

    65. Jeanine says:

      Wow, great giveaway! I love the little boxes and little bottles. Silly statement, I love all things mini…..!

    66. Roe says:

      I could always use more little bottles. And the bagatelle boxes are a perfect size for small shadow boxes

    67. Libby says:

      I would make an Apothecary Fairy scene, making love potions for Valentine’s Day!

    68. Laura Callies says:

      These are my favorite supplies to work with. Love the configuration💕

    69. JAN says:

      Yes! I am so happy that the bagatelle boxes are back!

      I would make nature themed shadow boxes, and use the bottles as miniature candy jars, or witch’s potions jars.

    70. Love the mini bottles, Valentine vinette!

    71. Joelle Platz says:

      Oooh! So many possibilities. Maybe a secret fairy potion box tucked away under a tree and covered in moss, or maybe a witches jumbled stockroom with precariously perched boxes piled high.

    72. Janel says:

      I love the little things! I hope to make this and share on my website 🙂 nice idea

    73. Janet Turner says:

      I love the little boxes. I can’t wait to
      use some of these great ideas. Thaks for the inspiration.

    74. Lea Cook says:

      So many lovely ways to play with these boxes🙀

    75. Victoria Sturdevant says:

      I’d love to try making some shrines with the boxes.

    76. Lee Maynard says:

      I’m not sure what I’ll make but the possibilities seem endless

    77. Jo says:

      These little boxes are so cool! And I love the secretary- very spooky!

    78. Cathrine says:

      Merry Umbilical! Tiny boxes make perfect fairy homes!

    79. Carla says:

      So many possibilities for these boxes!

    80. Debbie Stine says:

      I’ll think of something! Maybe seed beads.

    81. Denise Bryant says:

      Love the teeny tiny boxes and that awesome secretary! Great projects!

    82. ricki walker says:

      Absolutley love any and all things miniature!

    83. Celia says:

      Cool tiny boxes!

    84. Leanna Alverson says:

      I love the secretary! I’d try that.

    85. Sue Irvine says:

      Who doesn’t need and love little boxes!