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    Mermaids’ Treasure – Shiny bits 50% off!

    Filed under Art Projects, Back in Stock, Beads, Beneath the Sea Kit, Collage Sheets, Giveaways, Lora Mahaffey, Sale

    Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply list items from Lora’s project that are still available on the new site.

    I was inspired by Lora Mahaffey’s artwork featured today, so ENTIRE sections of little beads and sparkly bits (think glitter and stickles) like those Lora used to sparkle her shrine are ALL on sale at 50% off now through Monday night, June 27th! Those sections are: Miscellaneous Beads and Glitter, Tinsel & Rhinestones! That bead section alone has 107 items! Like the Violet Gypsy Bead Mix in Bottle shown at right. Or that close-up from 12x8mm Amber Glass Rectangular Beads in the sale graphic at left. And that close-up at far right is of Iridescent Glass Spheres!

    Before seeing Lora’s pretty mermaid shrine, we have an announcement!

    Not only has Design Team Member Nichola Battilana been published, but she has also grabbed the cover of the esteemed Dollhouse and Miniature Scene Magazine! Woot!

    You may remember The Wandry Room that is featured on the cover of the magazine; that is a fabulous fairylicious laundry room where fairies can get their clothes cleaned, and even their wings or wands repaired. Nichola’s adorable little Wandry Room used a Corner Room Box and is chock full of anything that a fairy might need to get the job done. There’s even a Wand Repair Manual for reference to use on particularly difficult repairs.

    Read more in the blog.

    Design Team Member Lora Mahaffey was inspired by this month’s Beneath the Sea Kit and has created a charming shrine (and its own mythic story) called Mermaids’ Hidden Treasure.

    “Somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, an undiscovered island sits dozing in the sun. There is a stretch of coastline on this island that is very rough and dangerous, full of large rocks, treacherous tides and sudden undertows. No one would think of anchoring a boat there or heavens forbid, swimming that stretch of shore.

    “Unless you are a mermaid.

    “Because under the water there is a hidden grotto that isn’t even visible at low tide. The water reflects the dappled sunshine, lighting up this very secret place that the mermaids have chosen to hide the treasure they have collected over centuries.
    They’ve got stashes all over the seven seas, (they are just as much magpies as us two-leggeds) but this grotto is special. This one has a large golden statue that the mermaids pulled from the wreckage of an old Spanish galleon. A relic from the past that the ladies have adopted as a sort of patron saint of mermaids.”

    I’m happy to see Lora used that versatile Square Shrine Shadowbox as the starting point for her shrine. And I love all the little embellishments to the mermaids from the Sea Green Mermaids Collage Sheet: pumping up some colors with Copic Markers (or changing colors entirely like the mermaids’ hair), and adding sparkly dots to hair with Waterfall Stickles.

    I also like those pearl dots around the frame made from Liquid Pearls (see close-up on bottom of photo at left).

    And don’t forget all the seashells and pearls!

    See all the goodies in the Mermaids’ Hidden Treasure Supply List. Visit Lora’s blog for more photos and details. (And see below to win most everything Lora used!)


    Hooray for the Hidden Treasure Shrine Giveaway!

    I picked out a bunch of items from Lora’s Mermaids’ Hidden Treasure supply list:
    – Square Shrine Shadowbox
    – Cream Pearl Assortment
    – Mermaids #2 Collage Sheet
    – Sea Green Mermaids Collage Sheet
    – Candlestick Holder
    – Tiny Real Seashells in Tin

    Then these goodies:
    Tiny Tree with Pink Blossoms (not in this artwork, but back in stock!)
    Bronze Life Preserver Charm (not in the artwork either, but new — and you never know what a mermaid might grab for her stash!)
    Stickles Holiday Set (ooh… these were just put on clearance! plus a ton of kits and other paper pads were put on sale, too… see the 50% off clearance section here or the most recent items put on sale here.)

    To enter the Hidden Treasure Shrine Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, June 24, 2016)! And tell me: What will you make with your Square Shrine Shadowbox?

    Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

    Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

    After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via Random.org). So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

    Hey, who won A View into a Summer Cottage Giveaway? That would be Nelda! Congratulations!

    Posted by Leslie, June 23rd, 2016

    42 responses to “Mermaids’ Treasure – Shiny bits 50% off!”

    1. barb macaskill says:

      I think I would make a gnome home with this giveaway!! They need a place to rest their little heads too don’t they?
      Congratulations to Nichola!! She is SO talented!! TFS!

    2. barb macaskill says:

      Forgot to say congratulations to Nelda!

    3. Leanna Alverson says:

      I think with the Shrine Shadowbox, I would just include lounging mermaids. Maybe having a girls night “out”!

    4. Patti G says:

      Love the mermaid theme. I would have to give it some Halloween flair too.

    5. Barb A says:

      I would make something Christmas themed with the box. …my favorite holiday!

    6. angelic says:

      I would like to make a nautical steampunk shadow box!

    7. Karen says:

      I would most likely create some kind of Halloween themed shadow box.

    8. Marilyn Hughes says:

      Congratulations to Nichola. That is a well known, well respected mini mag.

      I have not clue what I would make LOL. Though I’m sure I could come up with something.

    9. Charlene says:

      Wee folk collecting sea shells by the sea shore.

    10. Chris Huill says:

      This is such an incredible site..I could spend hours just looking..gosh I would love to create anything..
      congratulations to the previous winner..
      ..now back to the adventure looking at all of these incredible idea..thank you Chris

    11. Jean Marmo says:

      So fun! I think mermaids and a beach theme would be perfect for the cottage!!

    12. Jen R says:

      Love the under the sea theme but i have been wanting to do a small garden scene. Hmmm possibilities.

    13. darla morey says:

      My niece is having a baby in July. First I think I’ll decorated with baby scrapbook paper. Don’t know where next there will be a lot of little things.

    14. Michelle says:

      Congratulations to Nelda. I would love to make a mermaid/treasure scene with a darker flair.

    15. Julianne says:

      A shrine dedicated to Jack Skellington!

    16. what a fun kit! I really want to work on my Christmas decorations, so most definitely would go with that theme. 🙂

      thanks for the chance!

    17. Joanne Root says:

      I have a delightful mermaidy-like cabinet that I made in a workshop many years ago. It’ll be great to find a home for it in this little sea-themed box!

    18. Maggie M says:

      I’m thinking fairies along the sea shore, collecting shells and other “necessities” for building their homes and gardens. Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

    19. Kat Cashwell says:

      I would make a Halloween scene! this is adorable! thanks for the wonderful ideas!

    20. Lou Anne says:

      I would make a mermaid treasure box! I love mermaids.

    21. Liane says:

      Mermaids under the Sea, one of my favorite Themes…..beautiful give-a-way !!!!!
      Liane 🙂

    22. Diana says:

      I would like to make faries playing at the sea.
      Thanks for a chance.

    23. Val Brown says:

      Something wonderful……

    24. Carla says:

      Halloween or Christmas scene for me

    25. Karen Mallory says:

      Fun stuff!! Love mermaids. Maybe make it a mermaid cove where the mermaids hide their precious treasures.

    26. Ina M Good says:

      Mermaids and underwater scene from this beach gal from Florida is for me!!!

    27. April Dudko says:

      I will definitely make the Wandry room, since I’m to have a new laundry room of my own. It would make such a cute addition!

    28. Mary Mac says:

      Would love to make a secret garden.

    29. Daylan says:

      Mermaids rock! It won’t be a shrine, but it will be a shadowbox to go into summer decorations.

    30. Kim Lucak says:

      Would love to make something garden, Paris or Victorian related 🙂

    31. Francine perri says:

      Oh I want a dollhouse so bad I would def make one if I win

    32. Catherine Sutton says:

      I would make a fairy house by the sea,

    33. Carol Slowik says:

      Maybe a diver exploring a sunken ship that is full of mermaids!

    34. Lana says:

      Oh I want to play with the stickles glitter. What a fun giveaway!

    35. Michelle PEDIGO TOOPS says:

      I would love to win this and make something with Mermaids on it.

    36. Denise Bryant says:

      With my shadowbox, I’d make a fun Halloween scene!

    37. Kimberly Barcello says:

      I’m thinking about a gardening center set up with pots, plants, and dirt all around a central potting table

    38. Edith says:

      oh the mystery of Mermaids,I would make a fairy tale shrine

    39. Nancy S says:

      I think I would create a wedding shine. Perhaps with a miniature dress waiting for that “special” bride??

    40. Carolyn Bowlby says:

      The choices are just endless with this great Giveaway. I love the Mermaid theme, so I would probably stick with the wonderful ideas presented.

    41. Margaret D says:

      Very cute! I would more than likely do an under the sea shrine. I do love the ocean.

    42. Julie F. says:

      I just love Lora’s fairy box, and also love Beneath the Sea. Think I would like to make a similar one with your beautiful mermaids and glittery things.