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A Fairy Garden and Bunnies

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Note: most of the links on this post no longer work, as we moved to a new Web site in 2018. However, you can see the supply lists for both projects on the new site: Betsy’s Bunny Tunnel Book and Kristin’s Fairy Garden.

Fairy Garden Charms?! Yes! In honor of the Kristin’s Fairy Garden artwork (and Betsy’s cute tunnel book), I thought some extra little butterflies or fairies might be useful (or ladybugs, or bees… that is a broad section).

So: ALL Fairy Garden Charms are on sale for 40% off now through Monday night, March 21st! (A Mushroom & Caterpillar Charm and a Giant Bronze Bee Charm from the sale section are shown at left. And two more sale charms are in today’s Giveaway below!)

Design Team Member Betsy Skagen has created an awfully adorable Bunny Tunnel Book inspired by The Garden Kit.

I am not sure why I had never made one before, but I am here to tell you that making tunnel books are a whole bundle of fun. At first glance, the book appears sugary sweet — until you begin reading some of the quotes about bunnies. Intermingled with quotes from Winnie the Pooh and other sweet tales are some rather twisted views of Mr. Cottontail.

“To make the book, I used the door opening of the Album with Arched Door as a template for the rest of the tunnel book openings by creating arched holes in the subsequent chipboard pages that each decreased in size by 1/2 inch.

“To be honest, I had already adhered decorative paper such as the Frolic Friendship, Frolic Petits Moments, Adore Always Roses and Blush Charmed Scrapbook Papers to each of the pages; when I remembered that I should have added the binding first. (I turned to Laura Carson’s Tunnel Book Tutorial for help with the binding.) Luckily, I was able to pull up edges and slide the binding into place.

“Once the doorway and the chipboard elements such as the Balcony Balustrade, Leafy Corners, and Vine Frame were painted and drying, an endless supply of roses and rabbits were fussy cut.

“To finish the book, I sought out quotations about bunnies and gardens and printed them onto clear label sheets. Throughout the book you will find Curly Paper Roses, Old Fashioned Roses, Mulberry Blossoms, a Terracotta Wall Planter, Twiggy Leaf Garland and loads of bunnies, butterflies, and what not.

Bunny Tunnel Book Supply List

For more detailed information and photos, please visit Betsy’s blog.

If you are wanting to get out into the gorgeous spring weather, Design Team Member Kristin Batsel has some whimsical Fairy Garden inspiration for you.

Fairy gardens are pretty popular right now, and my local nursery even had a table full of tiny plants specifically for fairy gardens. There was lots to choose from, including some that can look like bushes, and several varieties of tiny trees. My “tree” is a small boxwood. The grass is a lovely moss that will eventually bloom with tiny white flowers.

“What really makes the garden fun is the adorable accessories, scaled perfectly for a tiny fairy. This garden contains a White Picket Fence, a Stepping Stone Path, several clay pots, and a new bench for resting (since someone’s been doing yard work, there are gardening tools sitting on that bench).

Fairy Garden Supply List.

Visit Kristin’s blog for more fairylicious details and photos of her Fairy Garden.


Hooray for the Bunny Tunnel Book Giveaway!

I picked out a mix of items from Betsy’s Bunny Tunnel Book supply list to make this sweet Giveaway (psst! that link is to the supply list, with photos and links to all of the goodies Betsy used):
– Album with Arched Door
– Trailing Ivy Border
– Twiggy Leaf Garland
– Bunnies Collage Sheet
– Peter Rabbit Collage Sheet
– Winged Things Collage Sheet
– 1 Inch Curly Paper Roses – Pale Pink
– Adore Always Roses Scrapbook Paper
– Frolic Adorn Scrapbook Paper

PLUS (not shown in the photos at right) I’m including:
– A set of 4 Small Pewter Butterfly Beads
– a set of 5 9x13mm Ladybugs (both are part of the Fairy Garden Charms on sale at 40% off through Monday night!)

To enter the Bunny Tunnel Book Giveaway drawing all you have to do is leave a comment BELOW on this blog post TODAY OR TOMORROW (the deadline is 11:59 pm PST, FRIDAY, March 18, 2016)! And tell me: Will you try making a tunnel book with your Album with Arched Door? If yes, in a bunny theme or another theme? If no, what will you make?

Don’t forget to leave your (hello! correct) email address, too, so I can contact the winner; your email address does not need to be made public. Note: I’m offering free shipping, too, but only within the USA. International shipping will still apply.

Please be patient! Spammers try to post crap here a lot so comments are moderated. So if you don’t see your post in the comments section, be patient and check back in a few hours before re-posting it, please!

After midnight, I’ll randomly pick the winner (via So check your mailbox on Sunday morning to see who won and for the next Giveaway and Newsletter!

Hey, who won The Forgotten Garden Giveaway? That would be kate jo! Congratulations!

Posted by Leslie, March 17th, 2016

64 responses to “A Fairy Garden and Bunnies”

  1. barb macaskill says:

    I have never created a tunnel book but would love to give it a try! I would make a Fairy inspired Tunnel book mixed in with some elves, gnomes and trolls because they all really do go together in the Mystical world!
    Congratulations to Kate Jo!!! Enjoy your amazing prize package!

  2. Holly says:

    I’d love to make an Easter card for my nephew with this–especially as this might be the last year he gets up super early in the morning hoping to catch the Easter Bunny.

  3. Eve Watters says:

    Thanks for yet another helping of delicious inspiration! If I were lucky enough to win, I’d love to try a tunnel book with an archway door– I am totally obsessed by that shape and image. The theme would be spring surprises and there would definitely have to be a bunny peeking in somewhere!

  4. Nancy E says:

    This is just so beautiful. I would definitely make one but with a secret fairy garden theme. Oh, how lovely. Please pick me!

  5. judy golden says:

    I love this bunny giveaway, so cute and right in time for Easter. Would so love to win this as it’s a wonderful way to learn from the best. Happy Easter everyone~

  6. Kat Cashwell says:

    this is awesome! I love the bunny theme and would maybe add some cute eggs and baskets for Easter Egg hunt! thanks for all the great ideas!

  7. Kim Lucak says:

    I love it, how darling!!! A tunnel book would be so fun!!! Easter is one of my favorite holidays – Christ is Risen 🙂

  8. Helen P says:

    Beautiful project! I would also make one with a secret fairy garden theme, or maybe a twist on Alice in Wonderland.

  9. Gail Romero says:

    This is so unique! I love it. Can’t wait to try this.

  10. jean marmo says:

    Oh my – bunnies and fairies! HOw adorable!!!Love this tunnel book! I would definitely try something like this!!

  11. M. C. Sparks says:

    Yes. With a Secret Garden theme 😉

  12. cathrine bolin says:

    This bunny tunnel book looks almost like one my grandmother made for me . I loved that book, and so did my children, and some of theirs until, sadly, it fell apart. I saved what I could and it would be wonderful to incorporate the old with a new bunny tunnel book

  13. Traci says:

    Such cutie projects today. Also, a great giveaway-love all the sweet bunny stuff! >^..^<

  14. Victoria says:

    Oh my gosh, I love all the garden and spring pieces in this set! I want to make one like it!

  15. Sweet set for the giveaway! I will make a tunnel book but the theme must be dragons in the garden. Lots of room for other winged creatures in there too. 🙂

  16. Susan Devillier says:

    Yes, I actually had never seen a tunnel book before. I love it. I have a friend that is a new mawmaw and I thought how cute to make one for the new baby.

  17. Amy says:

    Bunnies in the garden? Imagine that! I will have to add a tiny little bird or two or three……

  18. Ann Pierce says:

    Absolutely love this project! I can definitely see making something similar, bunnies and all.

    Thanks fur the chance to win the makings.

  19. Mary Toriello says:

    I would love to make a tunnel book! Not sure if it will be bunnies, fairies or both.

  20. Karen S says:

    Yes, I’d make this tunnel book in a bunny theme it’s the Hippity Hoppity time of year.

  21. Leah Fein says:

    No. Not the book. Something for Easter next.

  22. Leanne S says:

    I made a tunnel book once before but it was playing with plastic sheets not actual holes in the paper! So yes, I would happily make a tunnel book!

  23. Carla says:

    Easter,Easter,Easter…..and only snuggly bunnies!

  24. Emily Ann Dale says:

    Love the bunny book! I’d try to make one just like it!

  25. Denise Bryant says:

    Love this album with arched door! What fun it would be to create with that! I would make one with a cat theme…. otherwise my cat, Coco, might get miffed!

  26. Jo says:

    Love the bunnies!!!!

  27. Francine perri says:

    I would love to win this and try to make a garden thank you

  28. Stefanie says:

    Ooh yes I would! I’d love to make a mystical spell book type tunnel

  29. Lou Anne says:

    I’ve never made a tunnel book. I think I’d create a secret fairy garden but there would have to be bunnies included!

  30. Ina M Good says:

    I would try a tunnel book fairy one sounds great to me!!!

  31. Mary Helene says:

    I would love to add a doe to the tunnel book.

  32. Kristie says:

    Absolutely love this project. I will make it just the way it is.

  33. Maggie M says:

    I would create a secret fairy garden tunnel book…a little escape for my grand daughter’s imagination. You really must stop coming out with all of these adorable miniatures or I’m going to go broke, LOL:)

  34. Rosemarie Grant says:

    I have never ade a tunnel book so I would make this one as a starter. It rally is so cute.

  35. LeAnn says:

    I would love to make a Halloween tunnel book!

  36. Alma Casiano says:

    oh wow…I made a tunnel book many years ago had almost forgotten that ! but to that one I added a tiny music box that would wind up from the back of the book.. this is a very pretty project Yes I would make or try my hand at making another one …if given the chance. Thanks for peeking my interest in another of your really neat kits !

  37. Ruth Hunt says:

    Lovely creation. I want to make a tunnel book. This one is beautiful.

  38. Margaret D says:

    I would love to make this! I would use the bunnies but I know I would add some Faeries too. I love the album! Please pick me! Lol

  39. Madonna Pincus says:

    I would love to make a similar Alice in Wonderland tunnel goes so well with the tunnel theme. Or? Wait and see. I would be so happy to win this month’s giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  40. Karen says:

    I would love to try creating a tunnel book and the Secret Garden would be my theme. I would probably add some little fairies and ladybugs and maybe a butterfly or two.

  41. Carla Velting says:

    The Album book is gorgeous – I totally want to emulate the album.
    I love the bunny theme, but I might also (like many others here) go slightly Alice in Wonderland with it!
    Such a great rainy weekend project! 😀

  42. Megan Warren says:

    It’s never to early for Halloween. I think I’d’ try a spooky haunted tunnel book. Love the Easter album, it’s beautiful, but….Halloween is all year long in my house, so I’d do a haunted book.

  43. Michelle B. says:

    The Bunny Tunnel Book is over the top! Repeating it would be a
    delight. 🙂 I agree with the comment that an Alice In Wonderland
    tunnel book would also be great. Just love the concept!

  44. I never knew about tunnel books, they are wonderful. I would definitely make a bunny tunnel book. My great-granddaughter would love this. What a great keepsake.

  45. Janet T says:

    I love the tunnel book idea. I’ve never made nything like that, so cute. I would definitely do the bunny theme.

  46. I’d like to try a tunnel book with fairy tale figures – like your Red Riding Hood.

  47. I’ll share these “tiny-s” with my little grandbabe-s…Rose Angel and Lil’ Rose. We’ll make fairy “wonderfuls”
    Thank you

  48. Barbara A. says:

    Have never made a tunnel book, but would
    give it a whirl. I like the bunny theme,
    but also like little chicks & chickens…..

  49. Tammy Lemon says:

    Beautiful kit just in time for easter.

  50. Winnie says:

    Love the bunnies! I Would make a tunnel into a magical secret garden!

  51. marykay chisum says:

    I haven’t made a tunnel book yet! Can’t wait to have the opportunity to try.

  52. carol says:

    I have made a spooky tunnel book. Now I’m inspired to do a secret garden populated by fairies.

  53. KIM says:

    Never made a tunnel book
    An autumn themed book would be fun to make.

  54. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    I’ve been creating tunnel cards for a while now and this Giveaway would just take it to a whole new level. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  55. Phoebe Diamond says:

    Hmmm… an Alice in Wonderland themed tunnel book would be fun to try. Or maybe one inspired by The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

  56. Karen Mallory says:

    I would love to try a tunnel book! Why not with bunnies. They are so cute! 🙂

  57. Ann says:

    Betsy’s bunny book is charming and inspiring! I’ve been intrigued with the idea of creating a tunnel book for some time, so I’d love to create one! I’d start with a house interior leading out to a garden of delightful creatures (bunnies too!), colorful flowers, song birds and playful fairies!

  58. Marilyn Hughes says:

    Wonderful projects. I would probably turn this into and album and while sticking with a bunny theme, lean toward it being an Easter bunny.

  59. Debra Gibson says:

    Love the bunny garden theme! That’s what I would do maybe add some fairy’s too! This would be so much fun to do!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  60. Leanna Alverson says:

    I love the book idea but would probably make the arched entrance into a fairy house instead of a bunny garden. But my fairies might have a pet bunny!

  61. Patricia Worth says:

    How exciting to be learning how to make the “Bunny Tunnel Book” – yes keeping in the theme of Easter sounds like a grand idea. Thanks for your generosity in all of your giveaways! Easter Blessings Always!

  62. Rose says:

    I’ve never made a tunnel book either, and I love the bunny theme, so I’ll probably have a blast doing the bunny tunnel book.

  63. sheila AR says:

    Loving all the spring, Easter-y, and bunny stuff!! Would love to learn to make a tunnel book. Bunnies or Religious icons (w/some stained glass type windows) are both tempting to me.

  64. Luanne Shoup says:

    Here comes Peter cottontail…..