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Rustic Christmas Curio Cabinet & Tiny Tree Kit!

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This is just adorable! Teri Calia has done an outstanding job on this little Christmas scene. From the details like an overturned toy (with a guilty looking pet dog nearby) to unwrapped packages with ribbons and tissue, it just looks so lived in! (Albeit in a fantasy don’t-we-all-wish-we-owned-that-silk-chair kind of way.)

Speaking of dollhouse-scale pets and toys, I’ve just broken those out into their own sections: 1:12 Dollhouse Pets (and Other Animals) and 1:12 Dollhouse Toys (yes, the toys look a bit sparse at the moment… but you just need to wait till your Christmas presents are opened to see what’s coming! And by that I mean next weekend for the After Thanksgiving Sale!)

See that beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the corner? (Ok.. a bit hard to see in the main photo, but see the little photo at left, too.) Teri has also made a version of it (in a glass dome) complete with instructions as a Rustic Christmas Tree Kit! The kit includes everything you’ll need to make a similar tree, including the green sisal tree, miniature ornaments (peppermints and rusty bells), red metallic mini ribbon with bows, the wooden base, the glass dome… and right down to the collage sheet with those adorably tiny packages under the tree (even the tiny gift tags, baker’s twine to tie them up, a candy cane — and the fabric to make a tattered tree skirt). Even the fabric has tiny gingerbread men and candy canes sprinkled about!

Back to Teri’s Rustic Christmas Curio Cabinet: yes, it is built from a Curio Cabinet Shrine Kit (with the main shelf left out so that there is one big space inside to decorate as a dollhouse room). And most everything shown is now on the site, from that gorgeous silk chair to the Victorian fireplace. Here’ a link to Teri’s supply list to see all the items (or check the highlights below). AND, don’t forget to stop by Teri’s blog to read more about her project and see more photos!

Posted by Leslie, November 22nd, 2015

96 responses to “Rustic Christmas Curio Cabinet & Tiny Tree Kit!”

  1. Liane Ceglar says:

    no traveling for us, I am cooking for the Family !!!!!!
    Great Give-a-way, love all the Inspiration you are giving to me !!!!!

  2. Alice H says:

    Staying home, not even shopping, because my sister and I always send the men and kids away and use the days after the feast to make our annual family Christmas ornament.

  3. Amanda Miller says:

    No travel for us this year.I will be doing all the cooking and shopping on line.:-)

  4. Juniper says:

    Busy, busy, busy doing all the cooking,baking, shopping, decorating and still working as well as trying to find me time….Ahhhh…but it relaxes me to do arts and crafts!

  5. Sarah Griffith says:

    Blessed to be able to go to my sisters nearby and spend time with her and my niece and nephew. My other niece will be traveling to see us with her two adorable little boys. I’m excited and thankful! Online shopping for me… love your site!

  6. Jacqualine says:

    No traveling this year. Busy making handmade crafts for a Holiday Store. That’s why cooking at home and online shopping is so great!

    Love the new goodies!

  7. What a lovely giveaway! We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with best friends. I’m the pie girl and also make a not so traditional butternut squash lasagna. The day after we’re going to S.F. and staying overnight to see the tree lighting. Really gets us in the spirit.

  8. Phoebe Diamond says:

    A short travel to some friends’ house, the day after will involve some back to work time getting my class ready for the winter cram.

  9. Gina Goodling says:

    The turkey will be roasting, garlic potatoes all mashed and the dressing will be divine! If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, feel free to join our table at 1pm!

  10. Rise St Arno says:

    No travel for me, just a nice get together. Then on to the studio for the long weekend.

  11. Margaret D says:

    Staying home! Cooking! Black Friday? No thank you very much! lol! I love that little tree. And I just happen to have that particular Curio Cabinet yay!

  12. Sharon McDonagh says:

    Lucky to have family nearby so no having to brave an airrport or tain station!

  13. Barb J says:

    I will be home cooking and waiting for my family to arrive!

  14. jean marmo says:

    I am happy to say we will be leaving snowy Michigan and heading to Phoenix to celebrate with our daughter and son in law! This is just so cute! No shopping for us.

  15. Leah Fein says:

    Hello, I’m going to stay home and cook for me and my fiancé. And I think I’m going to avoid those black Friday sales and do cyber Monday

  16. Ina Good says:

    Traveling to hiss Moms house..taking her out for Thanksgiving at Perkins..she is 82

  17. karen adams says:

    i will be cooking and crafting this thanksgiving!

  18. Jen R says:

    No traveling and no cooking. We are going to a vegan, yes vegan restaurant for their ThanksLiving celebration.

  19. Gabrielle H says:

    I will be traveling and not cooking just eating!!

  20. Gail S says:

    I am a stay at home gal . Family is going to be here . Don’t leave the house on Friday either .

  21. Marilyn Fishwick says:

    My sister is coming so it will be a weekend of food, football, shopping and love. Plus one son will be here. Had to have Thanksgiving without either one last year. I have much to be thankful for. Ter’s curio cabinet is fabulous!!!

  22. Ginny Over says:

    Traveling only 10 miles. I’ll be baking pies, rolls, sweet potatoes and cranberry relish.

  23. Verna says:

    Todays post is too cute. If my husband gets the day off, we will stay home and enjoy time together, then maybe hit the neighbors for a while. Always good times.

  24. Heather Cook says:

    The tree is too cute…. I’m not traveling until the day after, but my sister and I have planned a no cooking day for Thanksgiving.

  25. Kristie says:

    I will be cooking and hosting Thanksgiving this year. Lots to be thankful for too.

  26. Emily Ann says:

    going a whole 8 miles to my boyfriend’s son’s house. I’m bringing homemade bread and green bean casserole and maybe some cookies.

  27. Charlene says:

    What cute things… I’ll be staying home and working on Christmas gifts.

  28. Lisa R. says:

    FABULOUS GIVEAWAY!!! Perfect to TRY to make a replica of this artist s diorama room box for my mother as a gift for Christmas!!!
    We will be staying home this year cooking and having family join us from a couple different states coming for thanksgiving. HAVE A WONDERFUL AND SAFE THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL!!!

  29. Carolyn Bowlby says:

    We will be staying home and cooking. No shopping, since we have already shopped online and even have packages all wrapped. Only need to decorate the house now. Love the Giveaway.

  30. Lynn Greenberg says:

    Absolutely love this tree. Staying home for Thanksgiving. Just me, my Yorkie named Yankee, and possibly one guest, a young woman far from home. Will cook traditionally and savor those leftovers. Also, plan on making Christmas cards that day.
    Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

  31. Gail Gill says:

    Such a beautiful little tree. I’m travelling to the house next to mine and I get to make the turkey. No shopping for us.. We want all of our retail friends to have a holiday free from work and the only way to do that is to make the day unprofitable for retailers.

  32. Rhonda D. says:

    Oh my, this is just a lovely scene! No traveling for us but some of my grown kids will be home and I’ll cook a big meal for the crew. Happy holidays 🙂

  33. MaggieM says:

    OMG, I love your miniatures! The rustic tree is fabulous, as is the curio cabinet with all it’s Christmas goodness! I’m cooking this year, and staying home:)

  34. Pam Weiler says:

    First, I love the Rustic Tree. I will be cooking side dishes and going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house on Thanksgiving. I have decided if I am going to shop Black Friday. I have not for many years but am considering this year.

    What are you doing? Cooking, traveling or staying at home. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  35. Traci says:

    Staying home, going to church, and unfortunately cooking. I hate to cook and it is so time consuming to make a thanksgiving meal. I wish it only took as long to make it as it does to eat. Happy Thanksgiving to all! >^..^<

  36. Always love your makes 🙂 We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK – however I do practice gratitude and giving thanks daily – so I shall be at home, probably with candles and my journal – I hope you all enjoy yours though xx

  37. Denise Bryant says:

    Delightful creations! Love the kitty sleeping in the chair! I’d have to make mine look like my Siamese cat, Coco!
    Thankfully not travelling, and having dinner locally at my Aunt Betty’s. Glad I am not cooking!

  38. Laural says:

    I adore Christmas! no traveling, watching friends pets so they may travel

  39. Kristine Martinez says:

    Spending Thanksgiving with my daughter. Will be cooking most of our dinner. I am in love with the silk wing chair. On my Christmas list!

  40. Dennis L. says:

    Fantastic curio cabinet scene, Teri! No traveling, no cooking, and staying home on Black Friday! Going to enjoy Tucson’s beautiful weather. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  41. I love this giveaway We will be cooking for Thanksgiving, maybe after everyone leaves I will work in my studio hehe

  42. Jennie says:

    DH & I are working through Thanksgiving this year, in order to be able to spend time with my parents who are coming down the week after Thanksgiving. (They haven’t visited in 8 years!) So we’ll be doing Thanksmas on December 3rd. 😀

  43. Susan M L says:

    Such a cute holiday scene! I have a similar idea in my head, and this giveaway would be a great addition to my plans! I stopped cooking a big holiday dinner a few years back and the only thing I miss is my delicious stuffing!! No travel plans. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Day!

  44. Sara H. says:

    Family is 3 hours away so we travel every Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ll just be an assistant in the kitchen, as usual. Most of my Christmas shopping is finished! Woo!

  45. carol says:

    We will drive to my brother in law’s house about 20 minutes away. I’ll make a vegetable dish and bring wine. As nephew got married that means adding an additional 5 people. Very Thankful that it is not me doing all the cooking.

  46. Sandy says:

    No traveling, staying home and enjoying the delicious and very loud dinner made by my daughters Dana and Heather. Also the fabulous red applesauce by Allex. The attendees will be 11 with robust voices.

  47. Kim Lucak says:

    We’re cooking for family…..have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  48. Darla says:

    First time cooking In eight years,Been ill. Very excited.Happy Thanksgiving and merry Christmas.

  49. Frieda Evaskis says:

    My youngest daughter and I will be traveling from Tennessee to Michigan to see my older daughter. We’re taking her some much needed furniture and bringing pumpkin and apple pies. No cooking for us but my older daughter has made arrangements for food on Thanksgiving! So excited, …haven’t seen her in over a year.

  50. Helen says:

    Love this little tree!! My husband and I are spending Thanksgiving at home with all our fur babies. I am cooking a nice dinner and dessert. I wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

  51. Julie F. says:

    Another precious art. Cooking for a small part of the family this year.

  52. Mary Helene says:

    Will be traveling this Thanksgiving but not doing the cooking. Will leave that to the better cooks.

  53. Carol B. says:

    Staying home and cooking! Yum!!! So happy to be in my home. Would LOVE to win this give away and start designing!

  54. My husband, five adult children, their spouses and our nine grandchildren will all be driving to great friends of 50 years…we’ve supported each other through the laughter and the tears of our lives since our children were babies and toddlers…a lot to be thankful for – I’d make the giveaway the centerpiece for our Christmas table when they come to us in December! Molly Cromwell

  55. Karen Mallory says:

    Fabulous giveaway! Love all Christmas. We go to relatives in town. Everyone brings something so my Mother in Law doesn’t have to do all the cooking.

  56. Lou Anne says:

    This is adorable! I’m staying home cooking and having a quiet Thanksgiving. No crowds. No chaos. Just the way I like it.

  57. Jo says:

    We are cooking, staying home and crafting! 😃

  58. Heather Mash says:

    Hello, we have traveled to our mountain house in NC! I will be cooking for family and then preparing to attend the Christmas parade and getting fresh Christmas Trees on Friday! This rustic kit would make something awesome for our mountain house!

  59. Thalia Kottke says:

    Love this little giveaway. I’ll be travelling for the big day and then staying home.

  60. Roberta S says:

    I always cook Thanksgiving dinner at my house, and this year I’m fortunate to have 2 of my sons at home and the 3rd over on Friday, so we’ll all be together for a few hours–such a lovely blessing!
    This tree kit is awesome; thank you for the opportunity to win it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  61. Ginette says:

    Cooking for the hubby.

  62. barbara macaskill says:

    Not traveling for the holidays nor am I going to go to any stores! I am not that brave!! Easier to stay home in my jammies and shop online if I can find some $$~! Both of my sons and my 3 grandchildren will be here for dinner Thursday evening and hubby will probably do most of the cooking and clean~up! I am so fortunate to have him!! I will either be crafting or taking a nap while he cooks! After dinner the kids and I will be doing some crafting together!! They are 3, 7 and 11 so it is going to be lots of fun!!! They all share my love for creating things and are all fascinated by my fairy doors and village that I am making! Joseph, the 11 year old, is hoping that one day he will actually see on of the Fairies that lives in my flower garden in the summer and in the village I am creating in the winter. He will sit for hours on the lawn trying to spot one under my Hostas or in the flowers!! I am trying to figure out a way to make a fairy or two that I can move without him spotting how it moves to make his wish come true!! If anyone has any ideas I am open to suggestions!
    Would love to win this awesome giveaway to add another room to my Fairy village!! Thanks for the chance to!

  63. Karen says:

    Going to my son’s house for Thanksgiving. It is my granddaughter’s birthday–she’ll be three! We’re taking food my husband is cooking.

  64. Lori D. says:

    Adorable giveaway! Staying home this Thanksgiving. Gonna be making some miniature things!

  65. Kathleen says:

    Not traveling or cooking this year….I’m without a job, so I have no money for anything, though maybe I’ll be able to make a soup of some kind. (My town is so little there’s not even a soup kitchen to go to!) But that’s okay. My animals and I at least will be warm and safe, and I’m sure there’s at least one sewing project that I can start on that day. Sometimes I envy those who have big families and are cooking, etc., but there is something to be said for not being able to do all that. It gives you a new appreciation for what you have, and you realize that much of the fuss is really unnecessary – what’s important is family and friends. (And at least I get to spend the day doing sewing projects, instead of cleaning!)

  66. Joanna E. says:

    Dinner at my sister-in-laws. Bringing food but so thankful that I do not have to cook the whole meal and that I have them to share the holidays.

  67. joan says:

    First time in years we are not cooking, well, I am contributing two pies, we are visiting family.

  68. Beverly S says:

    Love the miniature tree, and the new collage sheets are terrific! I’m staying home for thanksgiving, but my two daughters will be visiting for a few days. I won’t be cooking; my sister and my dad will be the kitchen wizards!

  69. Lana says:

    This is the first year in many, that I will not be volunteering. I enjoy serving others. This year, I’ll spend it with my Great Dane and we will enjoy chicken, with all of the trimmings.

  70. Faye says:

    We’ll be spending an extended Thanksgiving with our children and the Grands! Have been baking and prepping for a week. Hope to do some Christmas crafting after the holiday!

  71. LoisC says:

    Love everything about the tree, shadowbox, etc! Not travelling but will definitely be cooking! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  72. Luanne Shoup says:

    Oh wow! The deer head is a must have!

  73. Judy Goodwin says:

    MMy son and I are staying home but I’m fixing a traditional dinner for us. I don’t go near a store on black Friday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  74. After 40 years of cooking the whole meal and desserts(!) I am going to my son’s house this year .YAY! That gives me time to do some crafting and this kit would be the perfect addition to my Christmas crafting…

  75. Jenni says:

    I’m not traveling very far this year for Thanksgiving. I’m going to make the cookies that my aunt used to make when I was little. No shopping for me next weekend, just hanging out at home.

  76. Carol Slowik says:

    Spending Thanksgiving with my 95 year young mother at her assisted living home. I will be baking a homemade pumpkin pie! Just decorating and crafting next weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  77. DianeD says:

    Staying home with my hubby. Kids are living across the country. But we are still cooking a turkey with all the fixings. It will be a very relaxing Thang giving Day.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  78. Kimberly Barcello says:

    making lasagna, going to a movie…very untraditional!. A happy holiday to all at Alpha Stamps 🙂

  79. Diana Wigstone says:

    I’ll be at home, cooking a boneless turkey breast, making dressing and brussel sprouts with bacon and balsamic vinegar. Yum. Also be taking a hand decorated wreath to the cemetery.

  80. Nancy S says:

    I just am in love with all the minis. I’ll be cooking for the gobble,gobble day. It’s one of my favorites. Family and good food, how can you go wrong?

  81. Suzanne Crowther says:

    HI love your site and I truly wish we had Thanksgiving here reading the fun times you will all be having hope each of you have a blessed day xo ps hope I win lol

  82. Kay W says:

    Looking forward to having my family coming over for Thanksgiving.

  83. Joyce de la Rosa says:

    Since our adult children live in Southern California, San Francisco, Ca, South Carolina and in Japan, we spend Thanksgiving with my niece in Wenatchee, WA. It’s only 3 or 4 hours away, so we will drive over there on Wednesday. We’ll get up Thursday morning and help my niece prepare the Gobble Gobble Day meal for about 12 people. Then we’ll play games in the evening.
    We won’t be doing any Black Friday shopping until the afternoon. There’s nothing worth buying to put myself into a crowd of rudely insane shoppers. I’ve already done my shopping for the grandkids. I just need to pickup a baby doll for my toddler grand niece.
    I’m bringing fabric and my sewing machine with me, so I can make some drapes for my niece.
    I really look forward to Thanksgiving because I get to be with some of my family, whom I’m very grateful for.
    Wishing you and yours a blessed Turkey Day.

  84. Roxanne says:

    I am cooking this year…and have for the last 28 years! Yikes… having family & friends in of course.
    BTW- I love these miniatures…especially that sweet mini wingback chair! What a sweet old fashioned scene! TFS! 🙂

  85. Julie Byler says:

    Thanksgiving weekend is my time to recover after 10 days of inventory climbing ladders and sitting on cold cement floors counting everything from copper fittings to air filters for the HVAC company I work for. My brain is fried and my 60 year old body is sore and bruised.
    I can cook and have many many times in the past. I even make my own pies from scratch. This year both my my children are going other places for Thanksgiving. It is just me and my Husband. I’m buying a meal from Mimi’S Cafe and we are going to catch a movie. I never have done black Friday except for the two local scrapbooking stores. It will be a very different Thanksgiving for us but I am have a plan to work on my FIRST Grandbaby’s Scrapbook for her first year. She is a blessing and brings me so much joy even though I don’t get to see her often (they live out of state). We Skype every Sunday. I am truly blessed. Thank you for This opportunity. I love the curio cabinet and tree!

  86. Patti G says:

    Staying home with family. Love the little Christmas scene.

  87. Beth Jone says:

    I will be cooking for whoever happens thru the door. My children live all over the USA and sometimes one or two but not all get to come home. I will share with neighbors and have a blessed time thinking of all I have to be thankful for!! Thank you for the chance to win this adorable tree~~

  88. LeAnn says:

    We are traveling to see our extended family.We do this every year and I have never had to cook a Thanksgiving meal

  89. Arminta says:

    I love these miniatures! My cousin, my daughter and I are cooking–not too elaborate, just yummy. I love shopping but not on Black Friday, so I stay away from the crowds that day.

  90. Marilyn H says:

    I have traveled for Thanksgiving as I left Friday night for my parents’ house. However, I am not braving the rush to shop Black Friday unless Mom decides she wants to shop. I just don’t want to be a part of that madness. LOL

  91. Kristie N says:

    We are traveling for Thanksgiving, but will be home for Christmas. No Black Friday shopping, prefer to stay in with my family.

  92. Charlotte Deerborn says:

    We are staying home, and my Aunt is cooking us most of the menu. I am making the green bean casserole and the ambrosia.

  93. Barbara Ramey says:

    I am finally passing the torch! My daughter will be hosting Thanksgiving at her house. Expecting 25 guests so I will help this year.
    Don’t do Black Friday. All of my gifts have been purchased so will spend Black Friday wrapping gifts.
    Love the giveaway.

  94. Sokat says:

    In the truest American fashion, we have others that come to our home where I will cook too much, eat too much and my clean house will be put in its proper condition within hours of my guests arriving. No shopping for me. I want to enjoy the time with family and friends. Chaos comes soon enough..

  95. Jean Bullock says:

    I am not traveling this year. My daughter is hosting Thanksgiving at her house which is only 15 minutes away in good traffic conditions. giveawayjeanatgmaildotcom

  96. G. Brame says:

    We are traveling – a short way. I am cooking a little bit – a pie. I don’t plan to brave the crowds – maybe I’ll stay in and make things or decorate. Thanks Alpha Stamps for all the inspiration1