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    Using Paperclay or ICE Resin with Molds

    Filed under Art Projects, New Products, Tutorials

    This brief tutorial (but rich with photos!) was written by Wendy Anderson to coincide with the August 5, 2012 Newsletter (announcing Paperclay, Polymer Clay Molds, Silicone Molding Putty and ICE Resin.

    Note: the beautiful results (“Ancient Amulets” at bottom of the photo cube at right) were simply painted with Acrylic Paint!

    So, starting with Paperclay, here are Wendy’s instructions, in very few words (and photos at right)… I’d suggest following along in the photos from left-to-right and top-down (and all the photos on this page can be clicked on to see larger images):

    1. Brush light coating of Mold Release Powder into mold with paintbrush.
    2. Roll up ball of Paperclay.
    3. Press firmly into mold with hand or release sheet.
    4. Peel clay out by edge.
    5. Set out to dry.
    6. Can be cut with scissors, sanded or painted when dry.

    While we’re talking about molds, clay, mold-making, etc., here’s a link to a great (and thorough) tutorial by Design Team Member Laura Carson on How to Make Your Own Molds and Molding With Paper Clay.

    And (talk about a surplus of ideas!), here’s a video by Design Team Member Caroline Ouzts-Hay about her “Stamping into Clay” technique, used on that lovely sample at left using the Palm Reading Hand Rubber Stamp. More photos of Caroline’s Caravan are in the Gallery.

    And, finally, on to some gorgeous samples by Wendy using Silicone Molding Putty to make flexible molds from found objects:

    I began with a wall plaque with several designs on it. The fleur is about 2″ tall. I made a mold of the fleur with Silicone Molding Putty.

    I also made Paperclay strips and stuck furniture nails design into them (they’re concave even though they look convex) and I’ll paint those to make an Altoids Tin frame. (Also shown with some border molds from another picture frame.)

    I made another mold of the corner of an ornate picture frame and filled it with ICE Resin. I’ll probably make a house roof with it.

    I made a (very quick) mold from the bottom of a picture frame and used Paperclay in it. (I’d probably take more time and build up walls if I’d planned on using this mold with ICE Resin.)

    Then… I made a mold of a woman’s face on a sphinx statue (a little ambitious in size), filled with ICE Resin, Tiny Watch Gears and a word printed on paper, then finished with a watered-down wash of Acrylic Paint.

    Posted by Leslie, August 5th, 2012

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