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    I’ve been published (etched copper circuit board book covers)

    Filed under Art Projects, Media Reviews, Rubber Stamps

    (After a rather long wait) my article on creating etched metal book covers for a handmade photo album (using rubber stamps for the resist) has been published in the Nov/Dec ’07 issue of The Rubber Stamper. I’m having the inevitable regrets at little things that got edited out (so the instructions aren’t quite as easy to follow as I’d like). And the whole backstory on why I created the book disappeared. Oh well.

    Here’s a link to all 3 pages: one, two, three. I’m cutting circuit boards into small ATC-sized pieces for starter kits, which should be available next week (in case you want to try the technique).

    You can’t see it in the magazine photos, but the areas where the copper has been etched away from both sides of the fiberglass are translucent, which would make interesting nightlights or candle-holders or other things with light behind them.

    Posted by Leslie, October 12th, 2007

    2 responses to “I’ve been published (etched copper circuit board book covers)”

    1. vickiet says:

      Leslie, the article is excellent! The pictures of the etched panels are beautiful, but they rarely can do the real thing justice. It was a labor of love. You have inspired me to give it a try. Looking forward to the opportunity.
      Thanks for the preview!

    2. Leslie says:

      Hi Vickie,
      thank you!